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When studying astrology, one needs to use common sense. With the convenience of the rapid fire internet, astrology has become an easy parlor trick. It takes nothing to google an aspect and come back pretending to be an expert. The internet gives us new twist in our old school of pulling rank with the amount of experience one has: I have 25 years experience so I am right. We need to be responsible for our own learning. Is 25 years experience give the same meaning if it has been 25 years of doing it all wrong? People new to astrology hit that learning curve where they are smarter than the rest of the astrologers out there. Panic isn’t unusual when finding out there is much, much more to learn, a lifetime’s worth at its least. So, turning to the internet as the next step to be informed isn’t unusual.

Needs more than money to get out of Nigeria

We warn our children about the predators of cyberspace. We try oh so gently to guide our friends that have just met the perfect guy on the internet, he only needs a little bit of money as he is stuck in Nigeria. We find what was once journalism has morphed into opinionated fluff pieces written by anyone that signs up to be a freelance writer on Yahoo. We are wily enough to question the legitimacy of articles, people, and websites on the internet. Why stop at astrology? If an astrologer is citing his own articles or books as proof, there is a problem there. If the argument is experience, that can be uneasy to request the amount of charts that have been read with the particular aspect, is it a good cross reference to the rest of society and therefore applicable, let alone proof of the time and quality of work that the person claims. Then there is the search engine and the argument that if something is repeated often enough it becomes fact…. like a mental squatter.

Take a moment and search 15 degrees Leo. There are lots of pages screaming out : Violence, murder, evil and the such. More literally page after page says: 15 Degrees of Leo is one of the worst degrees in the zodiac. Either natally or in prediction Look closer and you’ll find that most have been copied from one single source. I do have to say, this is some really bad plagiarism at least change a word or two if you are stealing it and calling it your own. No one knows the origin of the information on the web or the reasoning why someone would say that this particular degree is so malefic. There will be those out there that will shout out yes, yes! Because they know someone that was mean to them once and they had the South Node on that degree. Note in the articles there is no mention of a star at the degree nor any other deep space item.

DeVores Encyclopedia of Astrology states that the source for their interpretations of individual degrees is: “ (1) the degrees created by important stars, nebulae and clusters; (2) the planets’ Nodes; (3) the points of the planets’ Exaltation and Fall; (4) the major planetary conjunctions from 1940 to 1946 inclusive; to which others can be added at will from the Ephemerides; (5) Solar Eclipses, from 1940 to 1946, inclusive; and (6) such other degrees which from experience appear to exert a decisive influence. “ So with no fixed items at such a degree, the influence of degrees appear to be transit at best. No account as such is given in the hundreds of reposting that the degree of 15 Leo is a vortex of evil because of any reason let alone the criteria above. The same book give the degree: 15°….First point of Affection: The Lion point. As of 1925 with a 1.50+ for 2002 allowing for the precession of the equinox. The degrees 2 + and – also does not show malefic influences.

I turned to the Astro-data bank and used both 15 degree Leo as the search entry and then I used murder as the second search. The first one gave me really too many to go through in a reasonable time. I found 15 degree Leo showed up in charts of actors, teachers, astronauts, scientists such as Michel Gauquelin Asc 15 Leo, Carla Hill ( Secretary of Housing) and her 15 Leo Moon, Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikopedia) and his 15 degree of Leo Sun… all in all, based only on the degree, some successful role models. The results for the search of the keyword “Murder” (used because the claim said there are many on death row with the Leo 15 degree) and I got a small sample of 157 known killers. Included in the list are serial killers such as Dahlmer and Manson and political slaughterers such as Pol Pot and King Richard III of England. Out of 157 I found Leo 15 in only 11 charts. Two of the charts has the degree on the IC (Cottingham, Diamond), one on the MC (Myrtel), three in Mercury (Gein, Ramirez, and Tissier), one Mars (Rudolph), one Neptune (Kinman) one Pluto (Berdella) and two North Nodes (Pacciani and Succo). I am so far away from being a statistician I can only write an educated guess. Um, there is nothing outstanding and the degree is in millions of charts and we don’t that same millions out there running around killing. Because of such, I would conclude the violent accusation will probably shake out the same (as there isn’t a data base just for violent as a catch all) In all fairness the planets involved may have factored in because of aspects made within a personal chart, but highly doubtful because of the degree.

It is easy to spout off an astrological “truth” as we see it because of our personal experience. We have to remember a few things though; maybe we really aren’t as good of an astrologer as we thought and missed other factors of variables, the other, when using our own samples to extrapolate that the number is too small for a representative sample of the whole. There is no issue of reporting such suspensions as long as the disclosure includes “ in my opinion” or “my personal data concludes”. But to post it as an Astrological truth is irresponsible and to cut and paste it as “proof” it becomes damaging to Astrology as a whole.

4 Responses to “Smoke, Mirrors, and 15° Leo”

abluelily says:

Great Article and particularly relieved about 15 Leo as I have BML on it and I have always worked to dispell the darkness of her, to choose yoda and not darth but had sometimes wondered, because of that “ill formed” reputation whether I was not really a good female at all.

Sad that such is the need for some to be that willing to offer such falsehoods in order to be powerful, still thats for them to learn.

Successor123 says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For a ray of light in an otherwise dark place. I have been researching this degree and have found EXACTLY what you say here. One source for all the negativity surrounding the 15th degree of Leo. I have been researching this due to a composite chart with my fiancee and the part of fortune within a 2 degree orb and have been worried that if I marry her that some evil might befall either her or myself. I did not want to be part of ANYTHING that might bring harm to her so I have been obsessed with getting to the bottom of this. You have been the one ray of truth here as I can tell you KNOW of that which you speak! May God Bless You as you continue your work!

Lilith says:

Nobody knows the origin of the Bible either

Lilith says:

I Disagree With You, It is a Most Malefic degree in all Prediction

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