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The President of the United States of America is primarily shown by the planet Mars. Mars is the ruler of the signs Aries and Scorpio and there have been more Scorpio presidents than any other sign.

How do we know Mars represents the President? Because America is a Cancerian country and the 10th division of the 360 wheel starting from Cancer is the sign of Aries ruled by Mars. Therefore Mars shows ‘the Boss’ of America. Mars also shows the President as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Mars in the 1776 birth chart of the USA is in Gemini, the sign of ‘twoness/duality’ representing the fact that the position will always be available to one of two main parties. It also shows that the position  is shared with a Vice-President. Plus it shows, that the position is usually won or lost on debates as well as the fact that a President can only serve 2 terms.

Tomorrow the 2012 US Election takes place. Mars is in sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. This shows that ultimately, global not homeland issues dominate this Presidency and the outcome. Transiting Jupiter is currently in Gemini  in mutual reception* with Mercury in Sagittarius (*Jupiter in a Mercury ruled sign and Mercury in a Jupiter ruled sign) showing the apparent neck and neck polls and divisions, but Jupiter is slipping backwards. On the face of it that doesn’t look at all good for the President (shown as I say by Mars in the sign ruled by Jupiter) however tomorrow Mercury also begins slipping backwards!

Slipping backwards has connotations of losing ground and therefore seems to put the current President  in a poor position and overall to make it a very tight race between two candidates of whom neither seems to have got the precise policies needed BUT how about a shift of perspective. One candidate is seeking a second term. What if we see the ‘slipping backwards’ as a return to go over old ground, to re-do something. President Obama certainly has a lot of unfinished business to complete and unfulfilled promises to instigate, whereas Romney hasn’t even started.

Hmmm, from this assessment alone we can see why astrologers are as equally divided as the polls about who is going to win. It’s confusing. That said there will eventually be an outcome so we have to dig deeper.
Mitt Romney is a Piscean. Neptune and Jupiter co-rule Pisces. Transiting Neptune is in Pisces, strong in its own sign. Meanwhile Jupiter is in Gemini but as we have learned, it is in retrograde motion. Both Jupiter and Neptune are also currently in signs which are changeable. This denotes that Romney is a strong candidate but swing voters are just not sure of him.

The sign that shows Romney – and indeed all Pisceans – in the position of Boss (as opposed to him as a person) is the 10th house Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. As we have just heard, transiting Jupiter is slipping backwards. Romney (and all Pisceans) leadership potential is under review but as he isn’t already in the job, its not a great place to be.

Meanwhile Obama is a Leo, ruled by the Sun. The Sun is currently in Scorpio ruled by Mars. So Mars is in its own sign and therefore the job of ‘Boss’ (Mars) is already his but will he lose the position?

Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs. The Moon, which denotes the voting public, is in Obama’s sign of Leo on election day. In other words the people seem to be with him tomorrow. The voters know what they are getting and although on a personal level the astrological markers suggest he’s not as enticing as Romney, those who are on the fence are likely to stick with (transiting Moon in fixed sign) what and who they know.

Furthermore the sign that shows all Leo’s in the role of ‘Boss’ is Taurus (10th house) ruled by the planet Venus and transiting Venus is currently UNASSAILABLE in its own sign of Libra.

As I first made clear in a video I posted just after Obama was first elected four years ago, it is therefore, IMHO a fated outcome that Obama will serve two terms.

 * * * * * 
Some astrologers see voting glitches and irregularities tomorrow. I have to say the possibility is very high. It could be hacking, problems with overseas votes or even some votes being cast twice. Mercury stationing to go retrograde usually affects transport and/or communication systems and in Sagittarius there are often legal challenges.
There is a very interesting chart which I don’t think many astrologers have picked up on – one that suggests that not only will Obama have to be a part of radical changes to the election system over the next term but he will also be dealing with some unprecedented situations and radical changes overall.
The chart I unearthed a chart I used back in 2008 which shows Obama officially became a Senator on his path to the White House on 8 Jan 1997. THIS WEEK the Sun in that chart has progressed to be precisely, to the minute of arc, conjoined to Uranus, the planet of surprise and change – i.e. both at 04.38 Aquarius. One manifestation was the surprise of Hurricane Sandy and the electrical power problems and outages this left in its wake – and the sudden refocus on the topic of ‘Climate Change’ – but there’s undoubtedly more surprises to come. Let’s watch and wait and see how it all pans out.

One Response to “Obama or Romney 2012 – The Astrology Says…”

Hunter says:

Have you seen the heliocentric chart for voting day? A near perfect pentagram with the innermost planets, excluding earth/moon. Very interesting configuration!

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