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Just now, Julian Assange heard that he will be extradited from the U.K. to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault (see the Guardian). This news is reflected by a number of transits and progressions. They tell us about bad news for him. For example: the  progressed Midheaven is in the 3rd degree of Libra. That is inconjunct transit Neptune. Neptune is always confusing and with an inconjunct, you…

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ElsaElsa » A Broad Overview Of Uranus In Aries

May 29th, 2012 @ 2:14 pm by ElsaElsa

“Time waits for no man.”  This phrase describes Uranus in Aries for me. We can expect things to happen very quickly during this transit.  Lives will change in a blink and if you’re moving slow yourself, or slow to process, this will have no effect.

I don’t say that to terrify people. This possibility has always existed. How many tragic car accidents are planned?  This energy exists in nature, but with Uranus in Aries, we’re going to see more events like this, that effect more people.
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ElsaElsa » What Is A Transit?

May 29th, 2012 @ 8:15 am by ElsaElsa

Your natal chart is a map of where the planets were when you were born. It’s fixed. The planets then continue their orbit on a circular path.

A “transit” occurs when a planet in the sky moves into a position that hits a certain angle with one of your natal planets. When a planet in the sky is 90 degrees from your natal planet, it’s called a square. “Pluto is squaring my natal Moon.” When a planet in the sky is 180 degrees from a natal planet, that’s an opposition. “Jupiter is opposing my natal Mercury.” A transiting planet that is 120 degrees from a natal planet is called a trine, etc.

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Today is a second Quarter Moon in Virgo which conjoined Mars in Virgo at 2:29AM EDT. While this aspect happened during the overnight hours, it usually means a very high energy time but with very little group cooperation. If you couldn’t sleep overnight, this might me the culprit. If the reason you couldn’t sleep is due to disagreements in a group setting, try to let the energy dissipate a bit and get some sleep with deep breathing and relaxation. It is temporary, no need to go all Rambo now, it’s the middle of the night.

Today The Virgo Moon Squares Venus in Gemini at 1:44PM EDT. Usually the Moon and Venus get along famously but this could on one hand cause some needless extravagance and spending and on the other hand be extremely beneficial depending on the transaction.

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When you leave a relationship that you’ve heavily invested in, pain is pretty much unavoidable. A person tends to go over and over the details, asking themselves if there were anything else they could have done that might have brought about a different outcome. While this might be productive in some cases, in other cases it just feeds the agony.

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Jupiter expands our boundaries, pushes us past what is expected and stretches the envelope of our psyches. The Eurovision Song Contest is a music contest watched by an average of 125 million people. It is one of the longest running tv programmes ever, with more than 50 countries having contributed over the years.  This all sounds very Jupitarian, expanding our knowledge and foreign travel. In fact anything with the word vision in it smacks of a Jupitarian theme more often than not, and with all those boundaries crossed and countries participitating the whole thing is redolent with Jupiter vibes and foreign flags.
One the day of Eurovision’s first broadcast, May 24 1956, Jupiter was in the ‘I’m A Star’ sign of Leo. The search for a star questing over many countries. Jupiters outreach nearly 60 years ago yearned to find …
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There has been plenty of discussion about Pluto losing status and Vesta gaining hers, as astronomers demote and elevate these two celestial objects from planet to dwarf planet (Pluto) or from asteroid to planetoid (Vesta). All this seems very confusing to those of us just trying to get our heads around what this means astrologically.
Pluto has been redefined from the status of Planet to Dwarf Planet. How does this happen? Well, the vote to do so involved just 424 astronomers, about 5% of the astronomy population. A word of warning though about dumping old Pluto back down into the Underworld and redefining his status, on what some astronomers see as a whim – the Underworld may be where Pluto prefers to hang out, being its Lord in mythology, but don’t force him down there, …
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Eris has produced another clanger at another public event in the world. She has entered through the back door and rolled in her Apple of Discord. (see earlier post Lady Gaga and Eris the Party Pooper).

Eris has entered the building again

David Lawley Wakelin who has made films criticising the Iraq war has just entered the court room at the Royal Courts of Justice, London through a door normally reserved for the judge and started shouting accusations at Tony Blair. He accused Blair of being a war criminal in no uncertain terms over and over again. Lord Justice Levenson had to apologise to Mr Blair for the fact that anyone was able to enter ‘through was is supposed to be a secure corridor’ and has ordered an investigation into this unheard of security breach. Mr Blair tried to brush …

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Happy Birthday
Sun in Gemini/Moon in
Planetary ruler for
Sunday- Sun
Happy Birthday:
1837- William “Bill’
Hickock,1894- Dashiell Hammett , 1911- Vincent Price, 1915- Herman Wouk, 1957-
Siouxie Sioux 1965- Todd Bridges,
The Sun conjoins Mercury in
Gemini this morning setting the stage for an inspiring day.  Then we have a trio of sextiles( 60 degree
helpful aspect) that make for a very pleasant afternoon. The first is
Moon/Venus which puts us in the mood for fun and games while the second is
Moon/ Saturn which gives aid from the universe to take care of our responsibilities
with relative ease. Later in the evening, the third trine involves Mercury
again, and the planet of originality, Uranus. This adds another layer to the
inspirational quality of the day. The Gemini, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all
perfect for
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The Moon will be in Leo all weekend long making for some dramatic yet romantic events. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Gemini right now so for some people this is the perfect time to get things organized and accomplish many things. It could also portend a very active weekend with plenty of events and activities. The same holds true with the heavens. There are multiple aspects today so if you don’t like the energy, expect quick changes all day. Just try to keep up.

At 7:19AM EDT the Sun in Gemini conjuncts Mercury in Gemini this usually means some type of short trip this morning. If you aren’t on your way to the beach or the a friends house, whatever you are doing, pay attention. There could be a lot of talking too.

At 9:57AM EDT the

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