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ElsaElsa » On Turning Your Life Around

April 6th, 2012 @ 8:10 am by ElsaElsa

For a client:

“You can consider yourself a just-sober drug addict. You’ve got to establish yourself as a sober person now and it’s not something you can rush. Just forget it’s you and think of a garden variety alcoholic. Some of them (a few of them) do pull up and become seen as someone who has left a certain lifestyle behind but this does not occur the minute they put down their drink.

Basically, you have to just start living right – right as you define it, and if you are consistent, people will notice eventually. If you are a baby and run around telling people they should notice…well that’s just gross.”

With Saturn wrapping up in Libra, it’s important to be seen as a credible person.

Do people feel you are a credible person? Have you ever lost credibility and had to try to reestablish yourself?


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