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Sun in Aries/ Moon enters
Cancer 7:07pm EST
Planetary ruler for
Thursday- Jupiter/Sagittarius
Happy Birthday:
1956- Latoya Jackson,
1936- Judith Guest, 1918- Pearl Bailey, 1790- John Tyler
Today, the trend
towards learning about the past, but we are much more apt to like what we hear.
As long as we don’t romanticize the past, and the important players involved, especially when it comes to our own importance, we will get those “hindsight is twenty/twenty” moments. Tonight’s Moon/Neptune
trine can bring messages to effectively use the new information being revealed to
us. These inspirations can be overwhelming, at this time, because of their
startling clarity and accuracy, but know that they come from inside of, and are
parts of you, and are not to be feared but embraced.


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It is not easy to sell a house these day. Millions all over the world are trying, but few are buying. That is why certain horary and tarot readers get rich by saying that they can tell when you will sell. It is easy for astrology students to have a look at their chart, progressions and transits and see easy or hard times coming. When I sold my house, it was in different economic times. In 1978…

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I posted some time ago about how Pluto’s transit into Capricorn seems to be turning our relationship to ageing (Capricorn) inside out (Pluto). It has been well noted that Capricorns seem to get younger as they get older. This talk … Continue reading →

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Expect a lot a drama under the Full Moon in Libra on April 6th as every planet in the sky is stressed.  It reminds me of the days I spent tending bar. You had your Full Moons and you had your Full Moons that took place on a weekend and the latter were amplified. We’re definitely going to see some people howling under this one.

Read the rest of Transit Watch: Full Moon In Libra – April 6, 2012 – Howling Guaranteed (210 words)


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Groundhog DayI remember the first time Elsa said to me, “People’s planets hitting your chart act like transits.” There’s something so perfectly simple about that and yet in years of thinking on it I’ve yet to finish ruminating on that statement. For me it’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration. What does that really mean? How does that work; WHY does it work? I really appreciate these little mind puzzles, not as pointless as sudoku and I can tell myself that it’s more important than cleaning the house.
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Uranus will square Pluto seven times between June 2012-2015. Astrologers agree this will be a tumultuous time of violent upheaval. If you have planets between 5 and and 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you will be particularly affected.

The dates the planets square off can be found here but this entire period will be colored by aspect which will invariably change many of our lives.

In the workshop, I’ll go into what it means and what you can expect when these planets square off. We’ll cover themes like sudden (Uranus in Aries) death (Pluto), shocking (Uranus) transformation (Pluto), liberation (Aries) from fear and pathology (Pluto in Capricorn) and much more.
Read the rest of Astrology Workshop – Uranus Square Pluto 2012-2015 – Starts April 4th! Come Join Us! (560 words)


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Sun in Aries/ Moon in
Planetary ruler for
Wednesday- Mercury/Gemini
Happy Birthday:
1986- Lady Gaga,
1970- Vince Vaughn, 1955- Reba McEntire
There are no new major transits today, but we still have to
deal with Mars (in Virgo) and Mercury (in Pisces) retrogrades. Combined with
today’s Gemini (home sign of Mercury) Moon we can expect surprise reunions
(chance meetings) and information about the past (old friends calling or
e-mailing) that can change our current views and values. We will have to
re-organize what we thought we knew about the people and events of our past, especially
ourselves, and how we were, and are, affected by the opinions of others.  We will know what others really thought and
felt about us “way back when” because it is important to the here and now.
Whether this is a time of
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I started a thread on the boards to discuss how people tag each other narcissists at the drop of a hat. I wondered if this was the word-of-the-day, or if we really have become more self-centered – it’s all about me!

Read the rest of 8th House: Leaving A Legacy, Greed And Self-Centeredness (121 words)


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ElsaElsa » Prescience And Careful Listening

March 27th, 2012 @ 9:33 am by ElsaElsa

mercury godI’ve learned to listen closely when my husband rambles because he’s proven himself to be gifted with prescience.  He will say remarkable things years in advance of them happening.  When the things do happen, he doesn’t necessarily remember predicting them because it’s not what he’s trying to do. He’s just talking and the things he says wind up occurring exactly as he said they would. What kills me about this is his time frames are very tight. He says it will take 3 years and it takes 3 years to the day for something to unfold or reveal itself.

Read the rest of Prescience And Careful Listening (144 words)


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AstroTableTalk » Uranus-Pluto Part 6 of 8

March 27th, 2012 @ 6:40 am by AstroTableTalk

Loss of individual consciousness under collective transits; scapegoating; why countries go through Uranus-Pluto change; out-of-control events as a sign of deeper change.

So I’ll be wanting to say something about the Arab Spring and about the USA and China. But firstly I want to circle back and talk more about collective transits and the individual, and ask what in essence the world is experiencing when there is a Uranus-Pluto square.

This square is something that every country will experience, probably more if their chart is transited by it, and it’s also something that we experience individually – not necessarily in the sense of personal transits, but in the sense of our aerials into the collective, a sort of impact on us personally that the stirring collective has, and that can draw us into it uncritically if our hold on individualised …

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