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AstroTableTalk » Uranus-Pluto Part 7 of 8

March 30th, 2012 @ 5:35 am by AstroTableTalk

Uranus-Pluto, the US and China.

I’ll come back now to the US and what I think may be a looming political crisis.

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So the US is a couple of years behind Europe with the Uranus-Pluto square, as our Suns tend to be around 9 or 10 of the cardinals, whereas the US is at 13 degrees. So we are in the middle of our crisis now, an economic crisis that has political roots, in the sense of Europe having attempted monetary union without the necessary political union.

The US Uranus-Pluto is still a couple of years off peaking, but I think we had a strong indicator of what it could be about when America had its credit rating downgraded for the first time ever last year because the politicians couldn’t agree on a budget. The credit agencies …

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Van Gogh self portrait
Sun in Aries/Moon in
Planetary ruler for
Friday- Venus/Libra
Happy Birthday:
1979- Norah Jones, 1945-
Eric Clapton, 1937- Warren Beatty, 1930- John Astin, 1853- Vincent Van Gogh
We can accomplish a
lot of self-healing today if we are able to let go of the people and routines
that are hurting us. We may feel that our intimate feelings and thoughts are
exposed because of how they may overwhelm us at this time, but know that they
are invisible to others if we don’t give in to their powers and indulge in self-pity.
Old wounds will flare up right now because we finally have the power and the
right transits to understand and adjust our past and present to help us make a
path to our future. A sympathetic friend and a bottle of wine are
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Mars retro.

So Mercury Retrograde is doing its strange magic. The Supreme Court is flirting with throwing out Obamacare in its entirety. Frankly, this has thrown even this astrologer for a loop. With Mars in Virgo retro, we see all things health related under review. That goes from personal fitness, all the way from stair-masters, to the collective and the steps of the Supreme Court. Throw in a heavy dose of Saturn in Libra retro which apparently does not want to be ignored in the retrograde parade and the Obama admin could have a big, steaming pile of poo on their hands. What do you expect for a president sworn in under Mercury Retrograde?

Who are the big losers if this happens (I have my doubts still) besides Obama? The big insurance companies? The horny eugenicists? Yes, they’ll have their …

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Satyana, daughter of Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof, is our featured Aries “Star Child” and Mlle. Kiddie is delighted to share her entire Kiddiegram report* with you! The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one in the unique ways they need. A Kiddiegram is…

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ElsaElsa » Astrology And Depression

March 29th, 2012 @ 5:37 pm by ElsaElsa

This is pure theory of mine, based on observation over the years, combined with logic. It seems to me that depression comes in at least two flavors.

I have long seen that people who do not express their Mars energy (their anger and ambition) tend to become depressed.  This makes sense as raw male energy by it’s nature is overt. If it is repressed it can do nothing but pervert and most commonly this manifests as depression.  Mars likes to go and do, win and conquer and when people are depressed they tend to feel lethargic and want to sleep all day so you see the correlation.

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idiot-savant.jpgBusy today – this is from 2008.

Dina writes on Blows The Attraction Theory All To Hell:

You’re not intellectual, Elsa? You seem pretty smart/wise to me!

Dina, thank you but I am telling you I am least developed on the intellectual level and one of the points Claire-France made.  She explained that I had developed this function to the extent I have via writing which caused people to come along, read my writing and then mistake me as some kind of intellectual!

So I put my writing on the Internet and next thing you know, people like HQ are writing me thinking I must be some kind of brilliant and when they encounter reality the next question sounds like this:

“What are you, some kind of idiot savant?”

Read the rest of People You Know Or

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Sun in Aries/ Moon enters
Cancer 7:07pm EST
Planetary ruler for
Thursday- Jupiter/Sagittarius
Happy Birthday:
1956- Latoya Jackson,
1936- Judith Guest, 1918- Pearl Bailey, 1790- John Tyler
Today, the trend
towards learning about the past, but we are much more apt to like what we hear.
As long as we don’t romanticize the past, and the important players involved, especially when it comes to our own importance, we will get those “hindsight is twenty/twenty” moments. Tonight’s Moon/Neptune
trine can bring messages to effectively use the new information being revealed to
us. These inspirations can be overwhelming, at this time, because of their
startling clarity and accuracy, but know that they come from inside of, and are
parts of you, and are not to be feared but embraced.


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It is not easy to sell a house these day. Millions all over the world are trying, but few are buying. That is why certain horary and tarot readers get rich by saying that they can tell when you will sell. It is easy for astrology students to have a look at their chart, progressions and transits and see easy or hard times coming. When I sold my house, it was in different economic times. In 1978…

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I posted some time ago about how Pluto’s transit into Capricorn seems to be turning our relationship to ageing (Capricorn) inside out (Pluto). It has been well noted that Capricorns seem to get younger as they get older. This talk … Continue reading →

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Moonlit View of Bosphorus The Full Moon of April 6, 2012 Forecast

The full Moon of April 6 foretells a period in the U.S. when efforts to make peace and warlike tendencies are in strong conflict.  Men and women will be in conflict with each other.  Also, religion and religious traditions around women in particular are going to be at the forefront of national attention.  Given the recent unpleasant debates about contraceptive rights for women (hello, 1916!), this seems particularly appropriate.

FullMoon040612 The Full Moon of April 6, 2012 Forecast

Astrologically Speaking…

At the Full Moon, we have Venus in Gemini on the Midheaven with the South Node, so there will be discussion of women’s immorality.  Note that Venus is in a barren sign, so this is conversation about women supposedly behaving badly by being freed from the responsibility-inducing risk of pregnancy.

Jupiter is just outside the 10th house, indicating the prominence of religion and law in this two week …

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