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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs
Sun in Aries/ Moon
enters Leo (4:35am EDT)
Planetary ruler for
Sunday- Sun/Leo
Palm Sunday
April fool’s Day
Happy Birthday:
1908- Abraham Maslow (psychologist)1981- Joshua Short,
1961- Susan Boyle, 1938- Ali McGraw, 1926- Anne McCaffrey, 1971- Method Man, 1956-
Peter O’Toole, 1929- Milan Kundera
We should relax and take it easy because even though
today and tomorrow’s outlook is very mild, the rest of next week, the skies
will be incredibly busy. We should rest and recharge our batteries, if possible
to prepare us for the work ahead. On Tuesday, Venus enter Gemini and on Wednesday
Mercury finally turns direct, these changes will affect the configurations in
the celestial ceiling and causing change down here on Earth. This is also a
good time to check your personal natal and transit charts to start the spring
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The Uranus Pluto transit hits the charts of my immediate family, hard. One way or the other, we’re all prepared and that’s good because at this point, the process has begun.

The recent changes around here have prompted me to dialogue with various people about things I never thought I’d speak to them about. I’m talking about my husband quite a bit, where he’s usually on the periphery.  Specifically, I’ve been called to  outline some of his idiosyncrasies, or his unconventional thinking and I realize in this process, how glad and grateful I am that he is the way he is.

Read the rest of Life Changes, Love And Uranus In The 7th House Or Aspecting Venus (253 words)


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Papa don’t preach.

I’d been tracking the role of Freemasonic connections in the Trayvon Martin case, starting with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and even Spike Lee. In the newsletter, I had made a connection between Albert Pike and his end-time game plan, which would include the desecration of Christianity (Kony 2012 and the collapse of Jason Russell–with more to follow), WWIII (Syria/Iran) and race conflict and strife in the USA, something that Pike as founder of the KKK would know all-too-well. We can see the racial fires getting stoked in Sanford, thanks mainly to the aforementioned agents of chaos pouring gasoline on the smoldering beach fires.

Well, it seems like those fellows weren’t alone. Here’s Trayvon Martin’s father, “Tracy” clearly displaying his fraternal colors.

Once again, the mists of Neptune and Chiron circulate and swirl around the edges …

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PM David Cameron was last spotted eating
a Cornish pasty two years ago.

Ooo – the spin doctors have been getting themselves in a twist this week here in Blighty.

I’ll explain briefly for my non-UK readers.

First, Chancellor George Osborne cut the top rate of tax for the very, very wealthy. Since he himself, the prime minister and a lot of their friends fall into this bracket, it didn’t look too good, while the rest of the country is experiencing “austerity measures”.

Another result of the budget was a tax on hot take-away food. This rapidly turned into “pastygate” and resulted in the ridiculous spectacle of a load of politicians competing to see who could eat the most plebeian food. Sausage rolls or Cornish pasties (geddit).

Then (more on the theme of food) the Prime Minister David Cameron …

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Carole Devine » Virgo-Pisces

March 31st, 2012 @ 6:33 am by Carole Devine

This polarity is the service/sacrifice duo. In extreme expression Virgo can be hyper-critical and Pisces hyper-gullible, but we seldom see the extremes expressed entirely since all people have many variables in their charts. Virgo equates to the sixth house, so planets in that house will have Virgo energy overlaid; Pisces is associated with the twelfth house, and any planets there will take on a Piscean flavor.

Virgo has an innate drive to perfection and has a hard time overlooking what is “flawed.” Since this is impartial, people with an abundance of this expression will turn it inward, as well, so we also see a great deal of self-flagellation, too. It, along with Capricorn, is a classic low self-esteem sign. Virgo energy is very aware of its own short-comings. The urge to be useful is strong. There is no compunction about …

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Sun in Aries/ Moon in
Planetary ruler for
Saturday- Saturn/Capricorn
Happy Birthday:
1948- Rhea Perlman,
1943- Christopher Walken, 1939-Liz Claiborne, 1935- Herb Alpert,
 1933- Shirley Jones, 1932- John Jakes, 1926-
John Fowles, 1868- Karl Bonhoeffer, 1596- Rene Descartes
Today would be a good
day for us to get organized, especially around the home. The energy is right to
get  around to  all of the  things that we have been putting off. Though
Mercury retrograde may be holding us back from starting new ventures and
projects, today’s transits support finishing up things that we have already
started. If you have any important personal communications, this evening’s
Moon/Mercury trine (6:12pm) is the perfect energy to aid us in finding the
right words at the right time. We should make efforts to listen to our loved
ones, as well as express
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I am working on the content for the Uranus square Pluto workshop and I can’t quite stay in my head to do it. I’d like to be a clinical person who could consider a transit like this in way that is detached but I just can’t manage it.

I see people’s lives being moved by forces beyond their control. I see things unfolding that will wind up having enormous consequences.  I am talking about the cracks in the foundation I have written about for years now.  They are so easy to deny, initially.
Read the rest of Uranus Square Pluto – My Personal Feelings About This Impersonal Energy (256 words)


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The compass needle seems to be drifting south. The true north is descending past the cities and the urbanification of my modern mind. I’m gravitating back towards the untamed possibilities of jazz, listening to Lester and Roscoe whistle, honk, blast and wail all the way back to Amenhotep, with a stop at Beale Street along the way. Jazz, true jazz is the unfettered voice of liberation, pushing outwards at the boundaries of form.

As we dissolve into the early moments of the 30th of March, the planets tug and strain in a complex passion play of eternal sky. The Sun, Moon and Pluto are triangulated and tense. So many needs and wants, so many demanding points of agreement and negotiated supplication.

In the Moon, we want complete and utter empathy, to be in the embrace of another that needs …

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zodiac lighterTraditionally, trines and sextiles are considered, “good”, squares and oppositions, “bad” or at the very least, “challenging”. Conjunctions are judged on a case by case basis.

For example, a conjunctions to Jupiter or Venus (considered benefices) are “good”, conjunctions to Saturn or Mars (considered malefic), “bad”.

You have to start somewhere and this is a likely place to start but I would not take this information too literally because the idea there are “no bad aspects” in astrology is more than a sign of our politically correct times.
Read the rest of Demystifying Astrology: “How can you tell if your aspects are good ones?” (143 words)


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Ha – I bet you thought I had forgotten, but we are now in full retrograde season, so I am ready to pick up this Saturn Return series where I left off.

(Mercury, Mars and Saturn are all doing the backwards shuffle.)

In previous posts I gave an overview of Saturn Returns in general (Part One) and specifically of Saturn in Libra (Part Two) for those people who are experiencing it now – and the lessons and ideas we can all learn from taking a closer look at what’s happening to this cohort.

There are two major astrological factors to a Saturn Return. Obviously, there is the condition of Saturn in the natal chart. As I discussed in the previous piece, for Saturn in Libra people of the last two generations this is complicated by some …

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