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Tempest Storm Burlesque Queen

Leap Day

Sun in Pisces/ Moon in Gemini (2nd quarter Moon)

Happy Birthday:
1960- Tony Robbins, 1916- Dinah Shore,1928- Tempest Storm

Planetary ruler for Wednesday- Mercury/ Gemini-Virgo good for
communications of all kinds, intellectual activities, Critical thinking, skills
and crafts involving dexterity, education and academics

Be sure to write down any genius idea that pop up this morning; the
concentration of Mercurial (mental and intellectual) energy combined with the
Piscean Sun and Neptune (emotional, creative) can lead us towards sudden
inspirations during the waking hours and long awaited answers from the Cosmos
through sleep and dreams. When the left and right brain work in cooperation, at
a time such as this, we can access higher realms of cerebral and innate
knowledge to solve practical and spiritual problems. Weave together the
different messages that your mind and your soul are sending you and you will
find the best path to follow for both of all of your needs, physical and spiritual. 

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