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Art by Yasmin Hernandez

Shout out to all of the Pisces ! Yes, your time has come. Enchanting, intuitive and elusive, spoken words cannot fully grasp your other worldliness. All that the average person can muster to ask is: “you’re not from around here, are you?” Whenever  others feel like they have you in their grasp, what they fail to remember is they’ve only captured one of the fish and there’s another one still swimming somewhere “out there.” At your best, you’re creative, sensitive and empathetic- with a seductive dose of mystery that slowly inflitrates the psyche, heart and bloodstream of others. Your shadow is the charlatan, who is so  mired in mental chaos, deception and confusion that your version of the “truth” is now illegal in all 50 states. Your evolutionary homework consists of blending your uncanny powers of perception with the discrimination of a fact finding mission. Discovering the grounding and the container that you need to make your dreams and ideals manifest in the outside world. Using creative visualization to build structures worthy of your time and energy. Pisces, may the force be with you.

Pisces Roll Call: Oddisee, J-Live, Lord Finesse, Grand Puba, Common, Erykah Badu, Amel Larrieux, Kurt Cobain, Spike Lee, Rhianna, Queen Latifah, Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, Anais Nin, Rudolf Steiner, Rajon Rondo, Dr. Amos Wilson, Chilli, Harry Belafonte, Julius Erving, Ja Rule, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Bill Duke, Jasmine Guy, Ovid, John Bon Jovi, Mia Hamm, Irene Cara, Patty Hearst, Blake Griffin, James Worthy, Courtney Vance, D.L. Hughley, Bruce Willis, Vanessa Williams, Quincy Jones, Michael Irvin, Benicio Del Toro, Marion Barry, Darryl Strawberry, Veronica Webb, Ishmael Reed, Herschel Walker, Smokey Robinson, Glenn Close, Edward James Olmos, Andrew Young, Shaquille O’Neal, Flava Flav, Nancy Wilson, Ralph Nader, Steve Jobs, Nina Simone, Drew Barrymore, Bobby Fischer, Jessica Biel, Moms Mabley, Harriet Tubman, Ansel Adams, Henrik Ibsen,Rob Lowe, Tony Randall, Bow Wow, Sidney Portier, Johnny Cash.

The Pisces Mixtape: Side 1 (12th House Side)
Intro: “Introspective”- Common
(1) “In Praise of Dreams”- Jan Garbarek
(2) “Everything Man”- Talib Kweli
(3) “Escape”- Pete Rock + C.L. Smooth
(4) “Distortion To Static”- The Roots
(5) “How ILL” – Jeru The Damaja
(6) “Chaos”- Reflection Eternal +Bahamadia
(7) “God Lives Through”- A Tribe Called Quest
(8) “Time Is The Enemy”- Quantic
(9) “Universal Highness”- Thievery Corporation
(10) “Delusional”- Oddisee +Little Brother
(11) “Purple Haze”- Jimi Hendrix
(12) “Drugs”- Lil’ Kim
(13) “Bloodstream”- Stateless
(14) “Solitude”- Madlib
Bonus Track: “Angels” – Wax Poetic

Side 2 (Neptune Side)
(1) “Innervisions”- DJ Cam
(2) “The Unseen”- Madlib
(3) “This Is What They Meant”- Pete Rock + Grand Agent
(4) “Zonin’ Out” – Polyrhythm Addicts
(5) “Rock Co. Cane Flow”- De La Soul
(6) “Transcendence”- Thievery Corporation
(7) “Flow”- Sade
(8)” The Inner Source”- George Duke
(9) “Vibes and Stuff”- A Tribe Called Quest
(10) “Open Bar”- Sadat X
(11) “Drugs Outside”(Rmx)- Oddisee+Black Milk+Big Pooh+DJ Romes
(12) “Greeny Green”- Goodie Mob +Witchdoctor
(13) “Glamour Life” – Big Pun + Fat Joe + Terror Squad
(14) “Make Me Whole”- Amel Larrieux
Bonus Track: “Iambic 9 Poetry”- Squarepusher


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