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satori on ElsaElsa » Mars And Pitching Fits

December 30th, 2011 @ 5:07 am by satori on ElsaElsa

bristleboardI was recently asked if I threw things when angry. I used to, but I got over it. I got over it in one day, in fact, the day I had to clean a whole pot of spaghetti off the wall and the floor. In my young womanhood I threw steel-tipped darts, beer bottles and probably other things I don’t remember. I have Scorpio Mars in the third house (Mercury-ruled), quick and dirty action, but it aspects Saturn and I can control myself, if I choose to. To paraphrase a popular liquor ad: I may not always throw things, but when I do, I like to throw them at people’s private parts.

Do you throw things? What’s up with your Mars?


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Oculus divinorum » Capricorn femininity

December 29th, 2011 @ 8:39 pm by Oculus divinorum

Capricorn is like a diamond. It does best under pressure. If a Capricorn native has a hard Saturn-sun or Saturn-moon contact, then the pressure can be intense. It’s not remotely fun. So you have to forgive us Caps sun for having a dour outlook sometimes. But if Capricorn can take all that pressure, the result is dazzling. Diamonds symbolize the incorruptible. They arise from carbon, the most common element, to become hardest substance in the world.

All that diamond hardness contradicts N. American ideas about femininity. There is something distinctly unfeminine about the cool, cutting, measured steeliness of a practical Capricorn woman. There’s nothing brash or boss-say or rough-and-tumble tough about it, qualities that we find in other more masculine signs. This is not to say that it’s unnatural for women to be steely. I am saying that in terms …

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This is one I am trying to grasp why.

I have a Capricorn 12th house and Aquarius 1st house.
Most of the times I have irritation (and usually I am a calm person) is when the Moon is transiting my first house, and also on those months when Mars or the Sun transits the first house (havign Aquarius rising, this occurs in February).
Since 2000, I have had irritation nearly every time Mars transited my first house (Jan 2000, Dec 2001, Aug 2003, May 2005, Apr 2007, Apr 2009 and Feb 2011.
Several irritation days have also occurred as the Sun transited my first house in Feb 2004, Feb 2006, Feb 2008, Feb 2009 and Feb 2011. This is about half of the February months!
Often, it has also resulted in clashes and conflicts, even break-ups, and in a few …
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ElsaElsa » How Well Do You Read People?

December 29th, 2011 @ 9:10 am by ElsaElsa

I had a client a few weeks ago, she was telling me how she could read people. She’s worked at a job where she encounters slews of people and she’s honed her ability over many years. I was enthralled. I suppose I read people but nothing at all like what this woman has achieved.

Do you read people? In what way? This woman uses her intellect, I’d say. She glances at you, takes in the info and the computer inside her spits out the answer.

What do you know about this? What’s the astrology?


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I did a chart for the last time Uranus ingressed in Aries, in the end of March of 1927, to see how it set the trend for the rest of the Uranus transit in Aries, Taurus and Gemini, and actually for the next 84 years.

From 1927 to 2010
Interestingly, we have a chart with a 15º Libra Ascendant, but with Sun opposite in Aries (meaning probably war between nations – its the seventh house). But Libra also featured the formation and breaking of alliances and the diplomacy efforts that marked most of the second World War and the following 45 years of Cold War, the United Nations and European Union. Uranus features close to conjunction with the Moon in sixth house, meaning a practical crises (but probably also the high degree of invention that followed the world
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moonpiebabyWhen my youngest was born I didn’t follow astrology yet. My husband was living out of town, starting a new job, so I decided to acquiesce to the doctor’s demand that I be induced. I have a Capricorn Moon and it’s not the easiest placement. Had I understood that then, I would not have induced under a Capricorn Moon. But I did, and my daughter is a GEM… not a Gemini, but a jewel! When we know better, we do better, but I don’t wish things were different. So when my sister’s doctor starting talking about scheduling her for her baby’s induction I was concerned, but not too concerned.
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People with Aries in their chart are challenged to form supportive partnerships and play well with others. To a client…

“…I work with a lot of people and your mail stands out for it’s elegance and it’s honesty. I think if you go in this direction and work to hone this angle, you’ll be richly rewarded, not just professionally but personally. The thing is, you’ve got to satisfy your need for fight and challenge, outside of your partnership if possible. Basically, find someone who will be on your side and you on theirs and then commit not to fire on each other…”

How are you other Aries dealing with Saturn Libra?


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rice-puddingI am a Pisces, and boy can I spot bad Pisces. I’m not saying I’m good Pisces all the time. Those Pisces are so rare that they have whole religions devoted to them. But everyone has Pisces in their chart somewhere, in some house at least, as well as a Neptune somewhere. So in some regard, we all deal with Pisces (Neptune) in ourselves and with each other. I think I just had a revelation (Pisces Mercury) about how to deal.
Read the rest of The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Given (151 words)


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Every solstice and equinoxes, we have a preview how it will be the next 3 months (or 12 months in case of the spring echinox). What happens during those days, what kind of projected goals and emotions, determines a little bit the general mood and atmosphere of the following trimester.

So, one can cast a chart showing our transits at the moment of the solstice/echinox for further detail. Obviously, the outer planets transits define ongoing affairs and challenges, but what is more interesting is that the location in house of the transiting Moon, Mars (and to a less degree of Venus and Mercury) help defining a big part of what it will be the next 3 months!
For example, if I have a Moon transiting my sixth house, I can expect a lot of work demands over the next 3 …
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I have always thought the full moon is infinitely more interesting than the new moon with its never-ending number of possibilities one can participate in, because of the dynamics of the opposition of the lights fighting for one’s attention.  It is like seeing the glass half full or half empty when one is reevaluating and rethinking about the accomplishments we have accumulated from our decisions we have made during our sojourn in this life.  It depends on the situation and the condition of how we see and interpret the circumstances, which determines how we view the contents of the glass.  This Snowy Full Moon at 18 Leo 32 at 1:56 p.m. PST on February addresses this by spotlighting the attributes of empathy versus that of sympathy.  The aspects are subtly pushing and pulling us, in their effort to convince …

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