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Star Struck » The Daily Planets

December 30th, 2011 @ 5:00 pm by Star Struck

Feeling a little feisty, but don’t know what to do with yourself? Mad as hell, but no idea how to release your anger? Welcome to the Moon in Pisces making an opposition to Mars in Virgo. This energy adds to any lingering effects of yesterday’s Solar conjunction with Pluto. Like all things though, this is [...]

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Lady Gaga in 2010Lady Gaga in 2010

The outrageous Lady Gaga is being sued by a former personal assistant for putting, well, outrageous demands on the amount of time and range of duties foisted on the hapless assistant. The assistant was paid a measley $75,000 per year for duties ranging from handing Gaga towels in the bathroom to managing the fashion diva’s wardrobe. The assistant claims that she wasn’t given breaks or at times, time to sleep and that she is owed over $380,000 dollars in overtime.

People who work for you are sixth house matters, but there is one problem in discussing this in Lady Gaga’s chart. We don’t know her birth time. Though there are several birth times bandied about on the internet, no one in particular seems reliable.

So what is to be done? Rectification! Under the principle that certain …

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To put it very simple, it is in 2012 that the first big events start, that will become much more intense by late 2013 and 2014, and develop over the rest of the decade.

2012 is the definitive end of the world as we know it, not by disasters but by a decaying world order, and that “end of the world” continues afterwards. It will be a bolt year, and exciting, with plenty of events happening, shocking and creating revolution around the world.

I am not sure yet if the two big events I predict will start in 2012 or 2013 – they will be happening in 2013 – but we will see the very beginnings of them, in July 2012 and November 2012.

Revolt, large social unrest event in July 2012
2012 will include probably the first full blown

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My husband has come to the conclusion that it’s not possible to speak to women. He says if you say anything to them they get the wrong idea. For example, if a man says anything even remotely nice, the woman will get the idea the man is interested in her.
Read the rest of Men Who Avoid Talking To Woman To Avoid Trouble Of All Kinds (142 words)


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satori on ElsaElsa » Mars And Pitching Fits

December 30th, 2011 @ 5:07 am by satori on ElsaElsa

bristleboardI was recently asked if I threw things when angry. I used to, but I got over it. I got over it in one day, in fact, the day I had to clean a whole pot of spaghetti off the wall and the floor. In my young womanhood I threw steel-tipped darts, beer bottles and probably other things I don’t remember. I have Scorpio Mars in the third house (Mercury-ruled), quick and dirty action, but it aspects Saturn and I can control myself, if I choose to. To paraphrase a popular liquor ad: I may not always throw things, but when I do, I like to throw them at people’s private parts.

Do you throw things? What’s up with your Mars?


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Oculus divinorum » Capricorn femininity

December 29th, 2011 @ 8:39 pm by Oculus divinorum

Capricorn is like a diamond. It does best under pressure. If a Capricorn native has a hard Saturn-sun or Saturn-moon contact, then the pressure can be intense. It’s not remotely fun. So you have to forgive us Caps sun for having a dour outlook sometimes. But if Capricorn can take all that pressure, the result is dazzling. Diamonds symbolize the incorruptible. They arise from carbon, the most common element, to become hardest substance in the world.

All that diamond hardness contradicts N. American ideas about femininity. There is something distinctly unfeminine about the cool, cutting, measured steeliness of a practical Capricorn woman. There’s nothing brash or boss-say or rough-and-tumble tough about it, qualities that we find in other more masculine signs. This is not to say that it’s unnatural for women to be steely. I am saying that in terms …

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There’s likely less pressure to get things done today, to have to burrow into any project with great fervor. In fact, you may be one of the people who didn’t have to work today or could take the second part of the day off. It’s as if we’re just sailing along, flowing through the day, moving in what seems like an unbounded expanse of time, doing whatever we feel like doing. All the while, in the stillness, feelings triggered by the year closure may arise, having us drift into a sea of emotions, this way and that.

All of this makes sense given that it’s Friday, the last weekday of 2011, the day before the New Year’s weekend. It also makes sense given that the Moon is in Pisces, void-of-course practically the whole day.

1:40 am: Moon (Pisces) square …

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This is one I am trying to grasp why.

I have a Capricorn 12th house and Aquarius 1st house.
Most of the times I have irritation (and usually I am a calm person) is when the Moon is transiting my first house, and also on those months when Mars or the Sun transits the first house (havign Aquarius rising, this occurs in February).
Since 2000, I have had irritation nearly every time Mars transited my first house (Jan 2000, Dec 2001, Aug 2003, May 2005, Apr 2007, Apr 2009 and Feb 2011.
Several irritation days have also occurred as the Sun transited my first house in Feb 2004, Feb 2006, Feb 2008, Feb 2009 and Feb 2011. This is about half of the February months!
Often, it has also resulted in clashes and conflicts, even break-ups, and in a few …
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To break it down, so it will forever and consistently be broke, when it comes to astrology, we are basically dealing with four main areas : planets, signs, houses and aspects.

The planets in your birth chart symbolize what energies are at work, or influencing.

The signs in your chart represent the styles in which those energies are expressed.

The houses in your chart symbolize different areas of your life, or fields of experience.

The aspects denote planetary relationships, i.e: how do Mercury and Neptune “get along”  in your chart?

The houses appear below in pizza shaped slices. Here’s a basic primer on the themes of the 12 houses:

1st House- Yourself. Your core identity. Think: De La Soul’s “Me, Myself and I”.

2nd House- Your money and other resources, what you appreciate value, self- esteem, self- worth, and …

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By now, most of us have seen the 1992 movie “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens and Halle Berry. While reading a question today  on elsaelsa.com, (I highly recommend her) regarding the symbolism of the Moon versus Venus in a Man’s chart, this movie definitely provides clues about how these two planets operate. When it comes to relationships, both Venus and the Moon play a prominent role in the chart of a Man.

Venus is what attracts us. On some level, it’s even what we pursue. What we chase after. If the planet were food, it would be a doughnut or a slice of cheese cake. Venus turns our heads and stirs our senses. It’s Darius Lovehall showing up at Nina Mosley’s door in “Love Jones” after getting her address off of a check she used …

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