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ElsaElsa » Creative Expression…And Being Dumbfounded

December 19th, 2011 @ 2:33 pm by ElsaElsa

Most creative people know that feeling when the material seems to come through you, rather than from you. When I get in a storytelling mode I can sit and type all day,  having no idea what I’m doing, I just do it.   I have no outline.  I have no agenda other than it’s occurred to me to tell some story. I don’t have a reason to tell the story and don’t feel I need one.  The impulse is there and I obey it.
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I had a (male) client who is trying to partner with a challenging woman. I was able to tell him how he might manage this, using her chart. I added:

“You can have security with a person like this when you realize that you’ve cracked their code and that not many are likely to be able to. They won’t necessarily care enough to try…”

I learned this from my husband. He said he thought we were meant to be together and he’d do everything in his power to bring this about. He also said that if he couldn’t do it, he didn’t think anyone else would fare any better.

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irritationIt never fails. Whenever I have a certain feeling, a feeling of passionate irritation, you know the kind, the one when Tweedledee wanted to rip out his hair because Tweedledum had spoiled his brand new rattle, I find it has the same damned root every time: Chiron. Chiron is a very dignified character of myth, a teacher, a sage, complicated and generous of spirit. Chiron in astrology is all these things and like Chiron of myth also has the added caveat of the permanent wound. It won’t kill you but it never heals. The permanent condition of this irritant can teach you plenty. However, it’s the teachable moment that remains in your nature forever, the sore spot.
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You would be surprised to know that you can make some DIY world astrological predictions (even if you are not knowledgeable about astrology – as long as you remember the basics of mythology and possess a discerning mind)!

The image above depicts the World Horoscope for the year 2012. Actually a “World Horoscope” looks like a “minimalist” natal chart. We keep on it the “collective” planets (Uranus, Neptune,Pluto) and the intermediate, “social” ones (Jupiter, Saturn) and we “strip” it from any other “personal” element. On a “World Horoscope” the sign of Aries stands always on the left and the sign of Capricorn on the top!

As the “intermediate” and the outer planets move slowly, their positions for the whole of 2012 will be – broadly – as above (Jupiter – being relatively faster – will transit in the sign of

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ElsaElsa » Open Question: How To Spot A Vicious Women?

December 18th, 2011 @ 7:14 am by ElsaElsa

harpyeagle1.jpgMy husband and I were discussing women who are vicious and we each have a question for you:

I want to know what percentage of women do you think are vicious and he says…

“Tell them you are writing a story with a vicious woman in it and you want to know some character traits of this kind of women. Just a couple lines. How would you spot a woman who is vicious?”

Character traits and the astrology tooooo please.


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To a Capricorn client who would like to reject a man before he rejects her: "There is a hook in your mouth that belongs to this man. You can't just swim off or he's still got you. You've got to either sit there and dig that hook out OR decide that you want to leave the hook there because you want to be connected to him. There is no easing away while ignoring the hook as it is deeply embedded in the side of your cheek..." Does someone have you hooked?
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ElsaElsa » What Attracts People To You?

December 17th, 2011 @ 4:04 am by ElsaElsa

“Do you think you love me because I’m entertaining and provide a diversion?” I asked my husband after denamaria suggested such a thing.

“I’m sure that’s part of it but mostly I attribute it to the thunderbolt striking me, mercilessly.”

What is a key thing that attracts people to you?


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To a client who is hurt and pissed off… but loves the man:

“He cares for you. He’s apologized (taken responsibility) and wants to talk to you without you taking his head off. I’d let him. You don’t meet this much Capricorn when there is nothing there for you to learn. Set aside your rigid standards of behavior and let the man tell you what is going on. He could use a friend right now and so could you.”

He says he wants to talk when she is not as angry…

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The new Moon in Capricorn takes place midday on Christmas eve (US). It will be remarkably potent as the Sun and Moon conjuncts Pluto and feelings run deep.

The Moon in Capricorn has a bad reputation, but in this case it’s profoundly supported by Jupiter,  Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. This suggests a benefit can be realized by anyone who makes an effort to feel their family roots and comprehend their psychological inheritance.  Specifically, they can be expanded (Jupiter), liberated (Uranus), shored up (Saturn) and inspired (Neptune).  What you can’t be on this day is frivolous!

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ElsaElsa » Are You Shallow? Or Deep?

December 15th, 2011 @ 9:35 am by ElsaElsa

I consider myself a pretty deep person but I have some freakishly shallow places and this goes beyond just my hair. I’ve recently discovered a deeper depth.

This dropping down has been a lot easier then when Pluto transited my Moon and my daughter went down, and I with her. But it’s intense just the same and my view from this point makes my shallow places seem utterly ludicrous.

I am pretty sure this means I ought to lose those places but you know what? I’m attached to them. I’m attached but I am not that attached so I’ve decided to set this stuff aside and live another way.

Are you shallow? Or deep?


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