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Lisa Irwin(True Crime and Astrology) Much has been made of the cell phones that were found missing at Lisa Irwin’s home the night she disappeared from her crib. Police attempts to locate Lisa or the cell phones have hit a dead end. Lisa’s parents decline separate interviews with the police.

Most frustrating are the shifting stories of Lisa’s parents. At first we were told Deborah Bradley, Lisa’s mother, last checked on the child at 10:30 PM. Then after video was displayed on national media of Deborah buying a box of wine, she recanted that story, saying she put Lisa, a child supposedly suffering from a cold, at bed at 6:40 PM, and then drinking enough wine that she went to bed so drunk she couldn’t remember the details of the night.

Deborah Bradley was untruthful in her initial statements to police. As observed in other blogs the emphasis for this family changed early on from doing what they can to find Lisa to protecting Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin. We can not count on “last seen” statements from Bradley or Irwin because they appear to have their, not Lisa’s interests at stake.

So what is left for astrological analysis? The phone call from Deborah Bradley’s an outbound call is made from Deborah’s Bradley phone. phone at 11:57 PM. Regardless of who made this call it has telling details about Lisa Irwin’s fate.

This chart has the Moon in Capricorn just crossing the seventh house cusp. As stated before, the Moon represents an infant. Interestingly, the asteroid “Child” sits conjunct with the moon at that time. So the Moon represents Lisa. The seventh house represents among other things, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles in a woman’s chart and losses and bereavement through death, opponents and out in the open enemies.

Capricorn gives clues about the location of Lisa at this time. While Capricorn represents cribs, it also represents cold, dark places and barren, stoney or fallow fields. It can also represent basements and places that are hard to reach, unpleasant to find or unpleasant to smell. Capricorn represents the south wall of a room and places where wood is cut or piled.

The degrees the Moon and Saturn, which are conjunct, add to 15. Coincidentally:

. . . the FBI shared with them about the cell phone ping locations. According to Picerno Deborah’s phone never got further than 1/5 to 1/3 of a mile from the house

Is the baby 1/5 of a mile, 1.5 miles or 15 miles from her home?

The moon at the cusp of the seventh house indicates a direction due west of where Lisa might be found; in a cold, dark an barren place that is unpleasant to find.

Photo courtesy of user crankycrankerson from a Creative Commons license as described by Photobucket.

Astrology chart of 11:57 PM call in Lisa Irwin case

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