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has been a feature of  OWS.

I have been pondering  Occupy Wall Street for weeks. I’ve been waiting to see my way in to a coherent analysis of the phenomenon. In the mean time, I’ve looked at what other astrologers have been writing.

The consensus is pretty much – it’s the Uranus-Pluto square. I’d concur with this but add a very important factor: Neptune (idealism, mass movements, the collective).

As I wrote previously when discussing the Arab Spring, the last time Neptune was at this point in the zodiac was the Year of Revolutions (1848), when popular uprisings occurred in almost every major city in Europe. To read what I wrote in depth, click here. Sometimes astrology is just so obvious.

I’ll have more to say on Occupy soon, meanwhile here are some views that I found interesting.

Michael Wolfstar at NeptuneCafe has done the most accessible astrological analysis I’ve read.

At Astrotabletalk , Dharmaruci has written two posts on Occupy fever. He has very enlightening things to say about the Plutonic side of it in particular.

Jeff Jawer has written an excellent piece called Taking Back Projections, which dares to point out the parallels between Occupy and the Tea Partiers.

Global Astrology has a fun old rant about it, but you do have to scroll right down to find it.

Mary Plumb at the Mountain Astrologer has done that essential thing of actually comparing the Occupy chart to the US national chart.

Eric Francis also at Mountain Astrologer looks at the birth of the movement with a lot of extra asteroids.

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