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ElsaElsa » Stuck In A Revolving Door

August 4th, 2015 @ 2:44 pm by ElsaElsa

revolving doorI was talking to my friend, Ben, about yesterday’s Venus retrograde post. There’s the lunacy of a person spilling so much of your blood, then coming back for more.  But he mentioned running into someone he knew many years ago as well.

He said seeing the man made him think about what he was like when they met, and how far he’d traveled since then. The man on the other hand, had gone nowhere. He was still up to the same games. Ben said it’s like he’s stuck in a revolving door and thinks that Ben is as well. It’s weird. It’s weird but it’s also common.(…)
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venus vintageVenus is conjunct Jupiter at 28 degrees Leo today. Both planets square Saturn in Scorpio, also at 28 degrees.

I’ve had several women come back into my life (Venus retrograde). However, I’ve rejected (Saturn) their advances.

If I say I’m, done for good, I mean exactly that. If I don’t mean that, I say something else or I say nothing at all! I don’t know how anyone could be mixed up about me when it comes to this. (…)
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new moon in leo august 14 2015I’m on this early because this is such an exciting new moon. The Sun and Moon conjunct Venus but beyond that, all three bodies enjoy support from Uranus in Aries.

This screams, “burst of creativity” to me.  The thing about it, is there’s a catch to it.(…)
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virgo razzaIt’s been a dramatic month around here. I spent most of it, unable to walk. This has been (dramatically) resolved.

Not being able to walk makes a lot of things impossible and some things possible. For example, if I can’t walk, I am entitled to drown my sorrows, don’t you think?  To blow off this and that?(…)
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shoeTuesday morning the Aries Moon trines the Leo Sun: fiery mood and mode! With that trine and Mercury-Jupiter-Venus in Leo, you can expect an active mood to flow right along with the attitudes of the day, ego, sense, all hopped up. But all that fire at the end of Leo runs up against the brick wall of Saturn in Scorpio. (…)
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Leo_by_ErebusOdora 525

Jupiter in Leo is exactly square Saturn in Scorpio Monday and sets the tone for the entire week because Mercury and Venus in Leo will also be squaring Saturn this week too. Leo-Scorpio standoffs can require delicate mediation since they are fixed signs and stubborn as all get out. Leo’s need for attention and a love of high living often come into direct conflict with Scorpio’s love of working behind the scenes and preference for a low key life style. Something else that creates problems for these two signs is Scorpio’s preference for maintaining their privacy . . . […]…

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Here are my Horoscopes for you all, for the month of August. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget I have both astrology readings and various tarot/oracle readings available. I can tailor a reading to suit the kind of questions you have too. Get in touch via this blog, or through my Etsy shop or facebook page, at BOND WITH THE MOON :)

21st March – 20th April
You’ve been in pursuit of creative and artistic recognition for some time now. This month your ruler Mars joins this path (9th), which gets things moving, especially around new moon time (14th). Love and relationship planet Venus is reconnecting you with the past, and maybe opportunities you thought lost (4th, 6th, especially 19th). Big news is expansion planet Jupiter moves into your health and fitness chart for the next year (11th). Jupiter symbolises positive, …

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ElsaElsa » Free Astro News & Commentary

August 3rd, 2015 @ 10:12 am by ElsaElsa

picture of ElsaI publish an astrology-themed newsletter, a few times a week.

Here’s some of what’s coming up:

  • Many Tools Of Self Destruction
  • Mental Disability Of Varying Severity
  • Aside From The Deeply Disturbing Trends
  • Slug Season
  • Solidifying The Foundation Of Your Transformation

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swiss cheese fairyMonday morning the Moon at the end of Pisces trines Mars and Saturn for a grand trine in water. There’s flow between all the bits, physical and spiritual, and your place in space and time. Saturn brings a bit of an anchor, newly direct in Scorpio. The Pisces mood adds a splash of fairy dust to the brew, or maybe that’s witch dust. Good witch, bad witch, let’s talk magic! (…)
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Inspiration is coming to you in waves, and you now know which direction to turn to take the lead in your career, but you won’t be able to share your goals with others right now because you have a lot of competition. Go solo for now; those that are worthy will follow. Get used to a nosy neighbor, or stake some boundaries as soon as possible. Your relationships should be off limits to anyone so make that clear to avoid future problems
This is the time to do some self promotion; you have paid your dues and passed all of the tests that come with your professional goals. Feel good about letting others know that you are capable and open for business. Make sure that you aren’t giving in to your partner out of guilt when it comes
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