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ElsaElsa » I Am Nothing Like My Natal Chart

November 22nd, 2014 @ 12:44 pm by ElsaElsa

aries vintage ramHi, Elsa.

Over the years I my experience has shown me that astrology pretty much always works…but sometimes I may not get it. Sometimes I have to wait a while til I can grasp it. So it’s not astrology, it’s my capacity to understand that is the limiting factor.

But I have been having a hard time with my 3 planets in Aries. I don’t see the qualities of Aries showing up in me. I am not pushy, irritable, in a hurry. I am not brave, I am not on some big heroic mission. I am not particularly enthusiastic.

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scorpio moldThere is a good discussion going here – Scorpio Dead Zone, which I really should have called the Scorpio Kill Zone. In whatever case, I was talking to someone about this. I’ve written about Scorpio amputating over the years (search). I’m aware that typically the person who is cut off, is left in a tremendous pain. They’re often bewildered as to why it happened.

I know this because, people have come on this blog for years, after being cut by Scorpio or a person like me, with a packed 8th house.  People hate Scorpio for this, they loathe them, they swear them off for the rest of the life and beyond, if they believe in such things…but I’ll tell you what they (virtually) never do. They never get it. They never understand.

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Tracys Astro Salon » Sagittarius New Moon

November 22nd, 2014 @ 4:59 am by Tracys Astro Salon

Sag New Moon
November 22

You will find my full article HERE.  But here is a little snippet.

As we discussed last month, we are in a rare cycle where all the new moons through March are at Zero degrees (and change) of each sign.   Zero the hero, is a gift, because we have the opportunity to get full value of every degree and the lesson presented by the sign every day.
With Sag we are learning to expand our world and get out there and mix it up.   Are you are wondering, “What does that mean?”   Okay, let’s talk about it.
 Look at your life right now.  The things that make you happy are probably defined by your life experience.   For example, and this is an easy one, what if you think  “I’m always happy when I’m surrounded …
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It doesn’t seem like a lot but the image you see above depicts a  miraculously preserved ancient horoscope! It is a horoscope in its textual form that was habitual in that period and it derives from the Hellenistic Egypt, which is the cradle of modern, “horoscopic” Astrology! There, the ancient Greeks (in collaboration with Egyptian, Jewish etc. priests and scholars) created two thousand years ago an incredibly sophisticated Astrology, which is the precursor to the one we are practicing today.

This horoscope was found in the ruins of the Hellenistic city of Oxyrhynchus (160 km south of modern Cairo), which is located on the banks of a Nile’s tributary. In this region abounded the holly egyptian fish which in Greek is called “oxyrhynchus” (sturgeon), hence the name of the city (which was the third largest in Hellenistic Egypt). It is

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On December 23, two days after the Winter Solstice, Saturn makes its entrance into fiery Sagittarius. Saturn is not comfortable in the fire signs because his modus operandi is 180° from that of their ruling planets. Always restless Mars (Aries), the egocentric Sun (Leo) and bombastic Jupiter who rules Sagittarius rub the ever cautious, slow reacting Saturn wrong.

In many ways fixed, pragmatic Scorpio was a better fit for Saturn than Sagittarius will be. Saturn in Scorpio had the additional advantage of being in Mutual Reception with powerful Pluto in Capricorn. There was strong support for those folks who […]

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ElsaElsa » How To Handle Saturn Square Mars

November 21st, 2014 @ 10:44 am by ElsaElsa

at eternitys gate vincent_willem_van_goghI wrote this for a client…

“…you don’t want to kill someone (literally or figuratively)  without a very good reason. If you mess this up, you’ll be brought to your knees. This is why you verify your target before you shoot! It’s serious.

If you’re oppressed and you do not push back and defend yourself, you can expect to continue to be oppressed. Common sense. But that doesn’t mean, lash out! It means plan (Saturn) your attack (Mars), or come up with a strategic defense.

It is serious. You’ll be dealing with long term consequences, so you don’t want to be a flake about this…”

Do you have Saturn square Mars in you chart? Tell us about it?

pictured – Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity’s Gate), Van Gogh


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zodiac buttonsHi Elsa,

I’ve had a few consults with you and I imagine you do hundreds of these a year. You’re always so personable when we interact, which is greatly appreciated! It makes me feel like you know me/remember me from past interactions! So my question is, do you? Not necessarily me specifically, but in general the folks you deal with daily on this site. When you interact with a person, do you think “oh yeah I remember this gal, she’s the one that has “insert situation” going on in her life”? Just curious.


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satori on ElsaElsa » Weekend Love Forecast

November 21st, 2014 @ 5:45 am by satori on ElsaElsa

tree goatFriday evening the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. It could certainly be dark and somber, but it could just as easily be deeply sexual and committed. Sagittarius Venus helps lighten things up, particularly as it moves closer to a trine with Uranus in Aries. Snappy fire and exciting pleasures!(…)
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How are you all doing? Still on the planet and hanging on for the ride?!  Since early September everything seems to have been amped up again as the acceleration continues, and many a persons  life has been turned upside down and inside out. Are we having fun yet?
At this time of year in the Northern hemisphere where I live, the days are getting shorter and shorter, as we head toward the longest night of the year. Its seems the darkness is fuller at this time of year as branches are stripped of leaves and the ground lays bare or covered with snow.
Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead all celebrated the process of death of decay as a part of the cycle of life. And yet even in the darkness a candle flickers.  The New Moon in …
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130114-jaden-willow-smithIt’s time for Pluto in Sag kids

As Saturn moves into Sagittarius, we’re starting to pick up signals already, as the Pluto in Sag children are beginning to make themselves known. Saira Blair, just 18, Cancer Sun (July 11th) was born with Pluto in Sag at 0 degrees retrograde, which is significant, since Miss Blair was not only recently elected to the West Virginia legislature, making her the youngest elected official in the USA, but also illustrates a return (retrograde) to more conservative values. With her True Node in Libra, she was elected during her nodal return. Balance, justice and equality are the elements that she will aspire towards. However, she will be tested over the course of the next five years as Saturn will oppose her Venus and Mars conjunction in Gemini. Saturn is the old guard in opposition …

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