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hogwartsThursday morning the Moon in Gemini trines the Sun and sign ruler Mercury. With Mercury retrograde, the Sun and Mercury are set to cross over each other, but for now they face. It’s likely to bring up some unusual bits of information, some aha moments. It’s also possible that the morning mood enhances their assimilation, enabling a goal-changing perspective shift. (…)
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I have been an astrologer since 1986, but I still learn from almost every reading I give. In astrology, there are more often than not fairly typical ways that people express things in their charts, and sometimes I can fall into a little bit of a rut by only sticking to those archetypes. Fortunately I am not a “by-the-book” kind of astrologer, so I always pay attention to what my client is telling me.

More often than not, the area where people will surprise me the most is “creativity.” I take a very long view on creativity. I expressed this idea at length in a previous post last year (http://wp.me/pJ9hq-f1) but in a nutshell I think creativity covers far more than the so-called “creative arts,” like music or painting or writing. I think all of us are creative …

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David Palladini’s depiction of Aquarius
I’m as guilty as anyone else of being drawn into astrological cook-book expectations in relation to people with Sun in Aquarius. I’ve called Aquarius quirky, avant garde, rebellious, unpredictable, cold and aloof….y’all know the rest.

Humanitarian, another commonly stated characteristic of Aquarius can be apt, but fits more nearly with Pisces in…

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elemental-truthThe Fifth Element

There’s some serious shit going down in the truth movement. I’m going to add a post by Linda Lake, which details much more of what I’m talking about. It’s important and it’s as serious as ongoing awakening process. Inside the matrix, we find that there are multiple levels, layers and even meanings. Just when you think you’ve hit the El Dorado of truth, finding the smoking gun that fires the magic bullet, you realize that it’s not the complete picture, not the ultimate truth that sets you and I and everyone else free, and yet that is what most of us are looking for, seeking.

Keep in mind that the people that manage this paradigm have massive resources at their disposal. They have enough computing power to create their own reality in sim life and they have …

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Venus square Saturn Apparition of the Visage of Aphrodite by Salvador DaliApparition of the Visage of Aphrodite of Cnidos in a Landscape by Salvador Dali

Venus squares Saturn in Sagittarius on January 30, with both planets at 3 degrees of their respective signs. Venus in Pisces is not received by Saturn, making their connection difficult. If she had been received by Saturn, it would have mitigated his malefic nature and spared Venus some of the less pleasant interactions with the Great Malefic.

Wherever Venus in Pisces graces your horoscope, she encounters Saturn’s limitations three signs away. Pisces is a sign of the boundless sea. Its deity is Okeanos, the eternal, ever-fertile ocean which encircles the earth. Saturn, too, rules the sea: undrinkable, destructive, life-denying. Venus desires pleasure in the transcendence of limitations, while Saturn is the “pass-not” Pillars of Hercules. William Lilly writes that Venus and Saturn are natural enemies, …

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Venus square saturn chartVenus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Mars is nearby.  This stellium in Pisces is highly prone to writhe around and fantasize.

Saturn in Sagittarius is coming in comes in hard with the truth. It’s a bit like seeing Tinkerbell hit a wall.

I have been the wall in some cases.  But last night I was Tinkerbell.
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libra-bakelightNegotiation was the theme of the day.  I have Mars in Libra. My husband has Mars in Cancer. There’s a clash there.

My husband does not like how I negociate things. With Mars in Libra, I try to work with others. I try to be fair. He sees the person he is negotiating something with as being on the opposite side.

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Debbie Frank » Extended 10 day message:

January 28th, 2015 @ 10:42 am by Debbie Frank

Late Jan through early Feb is such a big time. You can’t cut off Saturn and Venus on January 30th without knowing that Sunday Feb 1 is another fairy dust story. Then there’s the Leo Full Moon positioned so close to Jupiter’s mega-watt energy we feel we’re being pulled and pushed, stretched and extended – sometimes way further than we ever expected to go. Mercury is still retro – so anything could happen and probably will. Enjoy the ride …..…

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Moon-Mercury themes:  Understanding emotional communication, a.k.a : the “language of the heart.” To be in touch with one’s emotions while communicating. rationalizing instead of discussing feelings. Employing sensitivity in dealing with others. Intuitive thinking. Communicating with the ancestors. Verbal and emotional memory. Instinctively knowing how to make others feel comfortable.

Sun: “Down-home” communication. Soulful, rhythmic speech. Versatility and dexterity where you can talk to anyone. relating to those of a particular national origin.

Venus: Finding value in national heritage or racial group. Thinking about cultural beauty standards. Appreciation of biological and ideological family.

Mars: Taking heartfelt action. Instinctive assertion supported by logical analysis. passionate urge for emotional closeness. Battling with emotions as “competition’.

Jupiter: Counsel on using feelings/emotions as a form of richer, more amplified self-expression. Exaggerating feelings. Expressing feelings “religiously”.

Saturn: Tightly controlled feelings. Learning difficult, but timely lessons …

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Sagittarian Mind » Life, Love & Boundaries

January 28th, 2015 @ 10:42 am by Sagittarian Mind

photo: bealltruth

“Boundaries are meant to protect life, not to limit pleasures”  – Edwin Louis Cole


When we keep our hearts open, we’re able to continue an unrestricted conversation with the source which moves us toward loving and constructive actions as well as healthy choices which will nourish us emotionally.

It’s important for us to keep our “feeling portals” open, as well as our minds and to consistently be receptive to the myriad of life’s experiences.

Developing an inner dialogue with ourselves allows us to stay in the “driver’s seat” and define our own experiences and attitudes when it comes to life, love, and relationships.

If we allow unpleasant experiences with one (or more) individual(s) to control the manner in which we live and love moving forward, we’ve given up the wheel in favor of living in unconscious fear …

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