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ElsaElsa » Lying To Me

August 30th, 2016 @ 11:36 am by ElsaElsa

I always tell the truth even when i lie scarfaceI was talking to someone recently (in my real life). They lied to me.  It was one of those Gemini lies. I knew immediately, the person was lying because they didn’t want to hear any remarks I might make. I got off the phone and thought about this, hard.(…)
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George and Gracie Burns“Those two are a fastidious couple. She’s fast and he’s hideous.”
–Henny Youngman

The most evident effect of the composite chart is the ascendant. If you want to know how you appear as a couple look to the rising sign. This is the placement that represents how you look when you are together. Leo rising couples are radiant and regal, dramatic. They look like fun. With a Scorpio ascendant you’ll have a subtle and compelling power about you. Perhaps you look a bit dangerous. My man and I have Libra on the ascendant and have been told we’re an attractive and pleasant couple. Because of this I try to keep him near me at all times.
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bookTuesday morning the mid-degree Leo Moon makes a quincunx to Pluto. From there it’s a day long move into trine with Aries Uranus. Power struggles can be demoralizing, so see them coming and split. Go sideways if you have to, or find another path. Alternately, this exacerbates whatever mood you’ve got going into the day. So don’t let it run you.(…)
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This week eclipse season really gets into full swing and the focus is on eclipse ruler, Mercury. Having gotten all cosy with Venus on Monday, Mercury changes direction and goes retrograde on Tuesday. By Friday – Mercury is back in the arms of Jupiter. Is it time to re-think our relationships? It soon will be. Venus enters charming Libra on Tuesday and Jupiter will follow her on September 9th. It won’t be long before we will be weighing the pros and cons and assessing the benefits against the risks and costs. We surely need to think things through and this is what makes this Mercury retrograde period so useful.

Because of its retrograde motion,  Mercury will remain longer in its own sign. Mercury feels comfortable and useful in Virgo. Bascially, with Mercury also ruling the Moon’s North Node,

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pluto-wood-cutHere I go into your un-comfort zone (see tag). But this is a very common phenomena.  I’m writing about this so people who have experienced this know they have company.

A woman is just going along, dating or whatever. She may be in her 30’s. If a woman has stayed single all her life, by then she has plenty of sexual experience.

I’m talking about women who go out and play and date around. I know there are some who do not.  There are virgins in their 30’s, I know because I work with them all the time.

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scorpio necklace with beadsHi, Elsa.

I am 31 years old and throughout my life i have felt that true happiness has eluded me. I have had many moments of achievements, fun, togetherness with friends and family but a strange seriousness always engulfs me sooner or later. I had difficult childhood in a way that I felt unwanted and invisible from my mom.(…)
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lion vintage valentineMonday morning the early Leo Moon gets a bit of sunny-smooth sailing before it gets into aspect with much else. This brings a mood bump to the Virgo Sun order of the day, as the Sun moves into a bumpy t-square with Saturn and Neptune. A sunny mood helps the day get up and over a spate of inertia and false starts. Keep your sunny side up!(…)
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Make this a great week by not allowing the small stuff to get to you. Some of the more bothersome people in your life may want your energy to further their own ends, but you have things to do and can’t spare your precious life force- just say no! Be careful with delicate laundry-check the labels twice
If you are running late, and feeling a little less than a superstar, it’s ok. This week it is your turn to be less than perfect. You cover everyone else’s bases all the time so give yourself a beak is you are a little bit slower or less precise than usual. Be fair with siblings in financial matters; you’ll need their support later
Make a plan and stick to it; romantic distractions can be fun but you must keep your
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Synastry In Real Life. What happens when two people love each other but their love natures are mismatched. Can this be resolved?
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Tracys Astro Salon » Astrology This Week

August 28th, 2016 @ 5:19 am by Tracys Astro Salon

This week begins with Balsamic Moon.   We are releasing.  If some of you have had your emotions on a roller coaster, you will find yourself just letting that go.   Perhaps you just don’t give a shit.  Good for you.   On Tuesday beloved Mercury will go retrograde and we know what that means.   Let’s get our teeth drilled without numbing agents!   See separate post below for more details on retrograde.
Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse is September 1.
I’m working on it right now and will post later tomorrow.
Not going to sugar coat it, it is a bitch but I want to take time and highlight the nuances.
Watch this space.
Balsamic Moon Phase
August 28, 2016
11:36am EDT
Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.
Focus on We release our emotions.  We release our …
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