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  November 16 8:33pm EST      Mercury retrograde dates   October 28 Shadow    November 16 Mercury retrograde 13 Sag 29   December 1 Mercury re-enters Scorpio    December 6 Mercury direct  27 Scorpio 16   December 12 Mercury re-enters Sag    December 24 shadow ends    The final round of Mercury retrograde for 2018 […]

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    Venus Direct    November  16    25 Libra 14    5:50am EST  Dates:    September 2:  Venus enters shadow 25 Libra 14   October 5 : Venus station retrograde 10 Scorpio 10   October 31:  Venus re-enters Libra    November 16:  Venus station direct 25 Libra 14    December 2:  Venus re-enters Scorpio    Dec 7: Venus exits […]

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Venus turns direct [25 Libra 15] – November 16, 2018 (10:51 GMT) Venus, the planet which rules women and the feminine principle, turns direct today after six weeks on go slow. This is good news for a number of reasons but, as Venus represents both love and money, these are the key areas in which to […]

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  “You feel bad about yourself, so you’re degrading me,” I said. This is a common scenario but few are aware of it (on either side of the equation). Having grown up with a packed 8th house and a parent who … Read More… Continue reading Degrading A Person Because You Feel Bad at ElsaElsa […]

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  Hello! Would having any stellium in the 8th house make someone seem more scorpion like even if they don’t have Scorpio as one of their main aspects (sun, moon, asc)? I’m a Capricorn but have five planets in the 8th … Read More… Continue reading Does Having A Stellium In The 8th House Make […]

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  The South Node in Aries is confident, quick, feisty, assertive, proud, and has a strong sense of self. These adjectives are things to be happy about. It sounds like a loud party in an apartment building. Aries is pure Yang … Read More… Continue reading Interpretation Of North Node in Libra or the Seventh […]

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  If you’re a regular here you’ve probably gleaned that I’m a big fan of Jupiter in Sagittarius.  The effects of the planet ingressing into it’s home sign were immediately felt in my land. If was as if double doors were … Read More… Continue reading Effects Of Jupiter Leaving Scorpio For Sagittarius at ElsaElsa […]

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Recently we discussed how the Lunar Eclipse of January 21, 2019 @00Leo51 ‘eclipses’ US Inaugural Sun (@0AQ49 on January 20, 2017 = Trump as POTUS) which thus affects or influences the role and office of the presidency as performed by Donald Trump. Well, a quick peek at Mr. Trump’s natal 12th house midpoints and midpoint […]

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ElsaElsa » Growing To Understand Yourself

November 14th, 2018 @ 11:22 am by ElsaElsa

  I am planning to visit an older lady who is ill and lonely. In discussing this, someone asked if I would like someone to come with me to visit. I surprised myself by responding, “No thank you. I’m a bit … Read More… Continue reading Growing To Understand Yourself at ElsaElsa .

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ElsaElsa » Free Astrology News & Forecast

November 14th, 2018 @ 4:52 am by ElsaElsa

  I publish a free astrology-themed newsletter a few times a week. The letters are short and intended to help you in the one minute it takes to read them. Here’s what is coming up: Blathering Into Infinity Weekend Cheat Sheet – Plus … Read More… Continue reading Free Astrology News & Forecast at ElsaElsa .

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