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pull weedsNow and then someone will tell me that I don’t realize the impact I have on others.  I think is is true, with the rare exception. Sometimes I do know.

Right now, I have an inkling of this. Some knowledge leaked in, unexpectedly. It’s made intensely uncomfortable. I have Uranus and Pluto aspecting my natal Mercury. I guess this is part of that.

In whatever case, it’s making me want to back way off…which I’m pretty sure I’m going to do.  I feel if I dial back, I will have less trouble internally as well as externally. I have no reason whatsoever to want to create problems for myself or others.

I guess it’s also a sign of Pluto in Capricorn going deeper into my 12th house.  On some level, I want to avoid (12th) responsibility (Capricorn) for anyone’s painful …

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beatbox robotWednesday morning the Moon in Virgo is pretty darned active. The Moon sextiles Venus in Cancer, helpmates complimentary in desire and purpose. The Moon sextiles Saturn and both planets quincunx Uranus. Of course this means Venus trines Saturn, both in water, a solid, righteous goodness in flow. (…)
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Lunar Living » Jupiter in Leo 2014

July 30th, 2014 @ 5:45 am by Lunar Living

It has been quite a while since I have posted on this blog. Time slips away and I go in a bazillion other directions. But I’m back for now.
Jupiter IS in the sign of Leo for the next year. There will be a retrograde rest period December 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015, and a reset period until July 11, 2015, while Jupiter moves through the shadow of the retrograde period. That being said, most of us get our best action/options from Jupiter between July 17 to December 8, 2014, and again between July 12 – August 6, 2015. We can utilize the shadow period as a regrouping and researching period. But, I know you are wondering… generally, what will Jupiter in Leo be like for most of us earthly civilians over the next year? Jupiter will bring a …
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(Courtesy: Bill Attride)

There has been too much hype over the entrance of planet Jupiter in the sign of Leo – a few days ago. Supposedly all things are going to get better now and the optimism will sky-rocket among the people! But how can this be? According to the astrological tradition Jupiter was in a far better position in the previous sign, in Cancer where it is EXALTED! This means that from the moment Jupiter left Cancer and passed in the sign of Leo it was somehow “demoted” energetically – since Jupiter neither rules Leo nor is exalted in this fiery sign!

Undoubtedly Jupiter is not in its most privileged position when in Leo. On the other hand it is not in its most inopportune position either … You see, according to the Hellenistic astrology (and to the Medieval

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ElsaElsa » Transcendent People

July 28th, 2014 @ 11:03 am by ElsaElsa

bonanza thermosI was talking to my husband last night, about being “transcendent”. We are both transcendent people, in my eyes.

“I don’t know what transcend means,” he said.

“It means we can easily transcend our circumstances or what happens to us. We can rise above things, accept a loss…”

I elaborated to explain that this isn’t some kind of holy thing. Oh, I had a bad childhood, but I transcended it.  “Transcend” in my mind, means a lot more than that.  Here’s my weird example:

My husband has a story he tells. Some kid at school stole his coffee-milk, made by his mother, and put into his Bonanza thermos.

He wound up hopping on top one of tables in the lunch room, where this crime occured. He then ran across the tops of the long row of tables, leaping on to …

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there is no spoonMonday morning the Moon in Leo sextiles Juno in Gemini but makes no other applying aspects. It’s a good time to apply the new moon energy still in effect to consideration of your existing commitments. It’s possible to address them and reframe them in such a way that they fit your emerging, new sense of self. Fiery and pensive is an odd combo, but that’s what we’ve got. “LOOK AT ME, I’M THINKING… WOOOOO!”(…)
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Debbie Frank » Tantrums and tiaras

July 28th, 2014 @ 4:57 am by Debbie Frank

If you like drama then there’s plenty to see around you, or to get involved with if you choose. Choosing is important. Perspective equally so. Are things really such a big deal or is Jupiter making them see super-size on a temporary basis? The valuable lesson of Venus, Uranus and Pluto is to be able to see deep inside the issues that are going on. The surface is where it all happens, but the truth lies underneath….…

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Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx (at 11 degrees Capricorn) from July 27th to 28th, and gets hit by a square to Uranus Rx (at 16 degrees Aries) from July 28th to August 1st. Poor Venus. She likes things … Continue reading →

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Tracys Astro Salon » This Week

July 28th, 2014 @ 4:57 am by Tracys Astro Salon

The New Moon started on Saturday and continues to be New Phase until July 30.       So, on Monday, Tuesday and (most of ) Wednesday we should be planting seeds that expand on our bigness.
Focus:   How are you being big?  How are you living a full, rich, dramatic bold life?  How are you stretching?  How are you being a big shot?  How are you being out in front?  And if not why not?   Who exactly told you that being small or shy is helping you?    Get over it, please.
On Wednesday (July 30  9:43pm EDT) we move into Crescent Phase
Focus on:  What are you learning that speaks to your schedule?  What are you learning that speaks to your daily habits?  How are you learning about your skills?  And your healthcare?   What are you doing each day and …
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Overview    This week is jam-packed with influences. From July 27th to 28th, Venus (love, money, values) in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx (power and transformation) in Capricorn, triggering intensified desire, attraction, security or control issues. Then, from … Continue reading →

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