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ElsaElsa » Your Proximity To Evil

December 20th, 2014 @ 9:02 am by ElsaElsa

ted bundy interviewLast week, I was exposed to evil. I knowingly put myself in proximity to it. I was more deeply impacted than I even want to admit, never mind, try to explain.

The more distance I put between myself and the source, the more aware I am of just how creepy it is. I believe it’s growing in power.

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do your james francoIf like me you have issues with tendencies to people-please against your own self-interest, I have what may be a helpful perspective. Consider the idea that each of us has his own story to create. We’re here to make a movie. We are writing the script as we go along and we are enlisting each other as supporting actors in our movie. (…)
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By now, most of you know that Saturn is moving into Sagittarius on December 23rd. Increasing the significance of Saturn’s ingress, we have Venus in Capricorn … Continue reading →

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Debra Anne Clemant » Uranus Stations Direct

December 20th, 2014 @ 7:01 am by Debra Anne Clemant

UranusAt exactly 5:45 PM EST on December 21, Uranus will station direct at 12°34′ (that’s 12 degrees, 34 minutes) of Aries. From this point on until July 26, 2015, this planetary oddball will continue to move forward through Aries.

So what’s it to you?  Plenty.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, anarchy and technology, and as it makes its way through Aries, it’s dressed in armor and ready to fight.

In other words, Uranus is on the warpath, and at the moment, its sites are still set on Pluto.

Here in the USA, voters rebelled (Uranus) against many of their representatives during the midterm elections, which in turn changes the Congressional balance of power (Pluto) in 2015. Within the past several weeks alone, we’ve witnessed intense nationwide protests, some of which turned violent, and a cyber (Uranus) attack by North …

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Attempting to be seasonal, Christmassy and astrologistic at the same time is tricky, and can be repetitive. During previous “Holiday” seasons I’ve attempted to link zodiac signs to various styles of a couple of seasonal items – Christmas cards and Christmas tree decor. What’s left for that kind of treatment ? Not much. Another seasonal regular, in Britain, is the pantomime. My archived…

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ElsaElsa » Am I Too Old To Have Children?

December 19th, 2014 @ 11:12 am by ElsaElsa

moon vintage Christmas ornamentHi Elsa,

I know the moon, 5th house, Cancer etc are often related to children, conception and the like but I as a Capricorn, I’ve noticed that anything to do with my “womanhood” tends to follow Saturn. I got my first period a few days after I turned 14, first significant (mature, committed relationship) at 21, major shake-up and shattering of delusions regarding “bad men” at 28, first real strike me down with lightening love at 35 . . . you get my point. I’m turning 42 next week and don’t at this point have children.

My family and friends predominantly think I’ve missed the boat. Am I naive to think that 42-47 is when I have children? I’ve been late all my life with key “women” things (relative to other women I know) so why should this be any

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“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete specific assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor his life repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.” – Victor Frankyl

With the Moon now in Sagittarius, it’s time to allow ourselves permission to become the person that resonates with the deepest core of our being.

Having recycled the psychic and emotional garbage as symbolized by the Moon’s passage through Scorpio, it’s time to get free.

Although details may have their place, it would serve us to put the microscope aside for a couple days and use the telescope, adjusting the lens as widely as possible. To round up our collection of bows and arrows and get our targets ready.

What is your purpose …

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sun-moonFriday night the Moon at the beginning of Sagittarius squares Neptune. There’s a tendency to go overboard and not see it coming. Watch your drinks, watch your assumptions. Just because you have a certain desire, don’t assume everyone’s on board unless you ask! Need is inflated and obscured, so make every effort to clarify intentions.(…)
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sun and moonI wrote this for a client with a challenging solar return –

“…You know how when a woman is young, she will have all kinds of fits due to hormones?  A person can disrupt an environment for what seems like a great reason…which then dissipates…”

Do you recognize this kind of energy?

Some people have it natally, of course. They find ways to deal. But a person who is generally calm, can be thrown for a loop when this stuff shows up in a solar return, a progressed chart, via transit or whatever the cause might be.

Are your feelings erratic?


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reindeerThursday morning the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Scorpio ruler Pluto, trines Chiron, and quincunxes Uranus. The mood is dynamic, yet deceptively subtle. That is to say it is powerful and electric and sets off something within, but that thing within is going to pay off in a secret smile kind of way. It will be quirky and pleasurable but possibly in a way that may be to deep or personal to wish to express. (…)
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