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Vintage Sagittarius t-shirt graphcicI have a long time, Sagittarian client, she’s in a hole at this time. She typically upbeat, but she took a one-two punch, recently, from people she cares for deeply.

She’s been down longer than I am comfortable with. I’m used to her bouncing back, so today I decided I’d better take a new tack.  Hard.(…)
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Vintage Sagittarius broochHi, Elsa

You recently did a post which mentioned women “hunting.” Are you able to shed some more light regarding how you see the difference between hunting and say attracting? I have Mars in Scorpio in the 12th house so I feel I can easily attract by doing just about nothing. However, I have Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st and I also have Mercury in Sag. So, I can also go a hunting.(…)
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grand cross may 29, 2016
Look at this beast!  Click to see, full size.

That’s someone’s solar return chart; their birthday is May 29th.  I was struck by this so I started clicking around.(…)
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venus mars statueHi, Elsa.

What are the markers of attraction to older men in a chart of a woman? It’s a general question, so I’m not including any birth data.

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flowersTuesday morning the Moon starts out in Pisces then moves to Aries midday. Emotion brews out of sight then BURSTS through your chest like an alien. Or maybe it’s not that dramatic. Maybe it’s like those puffball-mushroom-spore things: POOF. In any case, there’s early percolation and communion. Whether or not you are ultimately moved to action, emotion moves from the amorphous to the personal. Needs will assert themselves. Seek satisfaction. (…)
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Carole Devine » USA now…

May 3rd, 2016 @ 5:56 am by Carole Devine



So much is happening right now, I took a look at the USA’s Sibley chart. Amazingly, right now, today, solar arc Mercury is exactly opposite natal Neptune. This represents lies and deception, period.  Mercury rules the 7th (the public) and the intercepted ninth (government). Moreover, the birth chart of the nation promises a deceptive government since Mars (in the 7th—public) is square Neptune (in the 9th—government). This means the country was destined to have a government that deceives the public.
[Many pundits over the years spread the rumor that the founding fathers used astrology to pick our “birth.” Of course, they didn’t know about Neptune then, but they DID know about Saturn, and I find it hard to believe they’d pick a time when it was square the Sun.]
Neptune is intercepted (harder …
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I’m more shocked and sad than I can say to read, this evening, that the guy who has been my favourite astrologer for so many years – almost from his first newspaper and magazine forecasts in fact, has died – and way, way, way too soon.

I’m still a bit shaky, but away from home and doing my best to sort out a post on this laptop.

My sincere condolences to Jonathan’s wife and family.…

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Astrological Insight : I get a good feeling when looking at the positions of the planets this coming week. This has everything to do with the notion of balance and harmony. Since autumn 2015 when Jupiter opposed Neptune – the energy of the mutable cross has determined the collective sphere. Mutable effectively means opportunism, adaptability and the ability to shift, move and react to circumstances that are constantly morphing into something else. Mutability excels in uncertainty. We have just lived through an unprecedented collective 7x Uranus/Pluto square and the fall-out has been huge: some structures crumbled (banks, businesses, countries, governments, pensions,services) and authority has clearly been undermined (Snowden, Blockupy, Anonymous). Many people no longer trust their governments or their politicians. Mutable -post Uranus square Pluto – energy is kind of what we are left with before the dust settles …

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fairy bloomEarly Monday morning the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and sextiles the Taurus Sun. It’s also within orb of a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. The Taurus Sun in turn begins a quincunx to Saturn. There are limitations that affect the mood, but there’s a way around. (…)
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Make an effort to stay out of other peoples’ karma this week. There are a lot of worthy causes out there that may attract your strength and desire to defend the weak; but take a really close look before you get involved. The predator may likely be the victim and vice versa; get all of the facts and examine them in order and in detail before volunteering any of your resources.  If you are wondering why someone hasn’t made their feelings known for you remember that they may not know that you are either interested or available for love or friendship; quit waiting and make your status and intentions known to them
You may feel more comfortable and confident than you have in a long time due to Venus’ entrance into your sun sign; but don’t forget to
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