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rainbowThursday morning the Moon in early Pisces conjuncts sign ruler Neptune. Mercury in early Taurus conjuncts the Taurus Sun. Taurus ruler Venus is in Pisces trining Saturn. While the grand cross in cardinal signs continues with inner planet Mars involved, there’s still some lovely foof to be had. Well, not really foof, but relatively so as they’re not spewing anything.
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There is a Grand Cross in the air: Jupiter in Cancer oppositie Pluto in Capricorn, square Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. It is like a high speed crossing point with a problem: who is first, who has the right to move first. Vladimir Putin has his Sun at one of the points of the crossing, in 13.9 Libra. He is part of the ‘game’.

The 14th degree of cardinal signs includes the 14th of…

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"The Song of the Lark" by Jules Breton“The Song of the Lark” by Jules Breton

Things are starting to settle. Can you feel it?

First, the Sun entered Taurus. Today, Mercury planted itself in the sign of preservation. It’s still a fluid month, but there’s solidification happening. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Pisces is anchored by a trine to Saturn Rx (at 21 degrees Scorpio) from April 23rd to April 25th. This could be a gentle confirmation of what you want, versus what you have. Or, a calm acceptance of certain limits on your Venus-themed dreams. Limits on dreams are good; there comes a time when you need to stop wandering in the land of “what if” and actually do the manifesting work. Those limits (otherwise known as reality) are what give your dreams physical form. This is a trine, so it’s gentle. A nudge, or a …

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In my old volume, The Best of the Illustrated National Astrological Journal 1933-4, picked up in an antique store some years ago, there’s a rather odd article by Augusta Foss Heindel, wife of Max Heindel occultist, astrologer and mystic. The piece is titled: “Air Age Tests Human Heart….Noted Astro-diagnostician sees changes in heart due to Aquarian Age influence”

1933 – Aquarian Age? I…

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ElsaElsa » Defining Marriage

April 23rd, 2014 @ 9:24 am by ElsaElsa

catholic wedding 1950 cake topperCurrently Mars is in Libra (relationships). Mars usually moves through a sign in two months. This transit will last close to eight months, due to a retrograde period.

I have natal Mars and Mercury in Libra in my 9th house. I’ve been studying (9th) aggressively (Mars).  Mars and Mercury in Libra in the 9th would be interested in the philosophy of marriage, the scope of it.

In considering this, I’ve come to realize that the word “marriage” means different things to different people.

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Starcana » Cosmic Dirt Astrology April 23

April 23rd, 2014 @ 9:24 am by Starcana

2014 Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyIn today’s cosmic event of the Cardinal Grand Cross, four planets in cardinal signs reach an exact degree, which form four points of a cross. From one end, Uranus in Aries (Cardinal Fire, Ego & Self) opposes Mars in Libra (Cardinal Air, Relationships & Balance). On the other, Jupiter in Cancer (Cardinal Water, Home & Emotional Security) opposes Pluto in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth, Career & Status).

In this astrological layout, a lot is happening internally, especially as we’re pulled into several directions all at once. Mixed amounts of energy blend together as one; from an assortment of frustrations and powerlessness, to impatience and nervousness – all contained in a strange sense of calm.

Once the person commits to being coached, s/he begins to experience a different, more hopeful world as his or her perceptions evolve. John G Agno

The cardinal …

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waterWednesday morning retrograde Mars squeezes right into exactitude in that cardinal grand cross, and the Moon in Aquarius squares Saturn. Well now that’s not touchy feely at all, not in a good way (BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!). What will make it good? Let’s just slow it down. Slooooow it dooooooown.
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Starcana » Cosmic Dirt Monday April 22

April 22nd, 2014 @ 7:08 pm by Starcana

2014 Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyIn addition to Sunday’s Jupiter/Pluto opposition and yesterday’s Uranus/Pluto square, the strained energy of the cardinal grand cross continues as Mars squares Jupiter today. Many of us may feel the challenge as strong vibrations work their way toward us – but in Mars retrograde – our passion and energy is lowered. We may find ourselves ‘staying put’ (like a spectator along for the ride).. just to see what happens.

We can be a little more cautious as to where we’re stepping with Mars retrograde. We’re recreating something on a deeper level, so we’ll be protective of ourselves and our actions at this time. And even though our defenses up, we can still run into unpleasantries in the the jungle of life. But without much reaction or participation to the outside (whether surrounding us or in the cosmic forces), we …

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taurus womanThe solar eclipse takes place at 8 degrees Taurus, just after midnight on April 29th. Many will benefit from this eclipse. People with Pluto in Virgo between 5 and 15 degrees (born in the late 1950′s and early to mid 1960′s) will certainly be energized, in a way I think they’ll like.

The eclipse will be remarkable for a number of reasons.  It’s conjunct Mercury, supported by exalted Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Saturn in Scorpio supports Pluto in Capricorn by mutual reception. That’s what I call, “hard to kill”!

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In Friday’s post the subject was an English eccentric – here’s another one!

On 21 April in 1898 was born Maurice Wilson, to the owner of a Yorkshire woollen mill and his wife in Bradford, England. I doubt that his family, early on, appreciated what an extraordinary individual this child of theirs would become!

In the beginning his life followed a fairly normal pattern. In the Great War (…

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