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holidaysI started publishing a Holiday Guide in 2013. This is because I was a teenage bartender.  I was struck back then, by how stressed people got during the holidays. They had to deal with their, families, basically. The bar would be packed. A number of my regular customers would be visibly disturbed. This made a big impression on me.

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ElsaElsa » Are You A Lone Wolf?

November 28th, 2015 @ 8:57 am by ElsaElsa

lone wolfI’ve been reading this discussion in the forum about the nuclear family and loneliness.  I realized I’ve lost all desire to be a lone wolf, though I do think I wanted that life for a number of years.

This may have been due to having my progressed Venus in Virgo for a number of years. But I could also frame it as an experiment (Uranus in 7th) or even a defense!

Are you a lone wolf? Are you happy that way? What’s the astrology?


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stars and rosesFriday evening the Cancer Moon trines Neptune and quincunxes the Sun and Saturn. This lights up the Saturn-Neptune square, sobering, but its orb is past exact. A wistful longing or nostalgic mood is likely to emerge. Or maybe a person just wants to get their drink on at home. Who knows, it’s a bit foggy, pleasantly so.(…)
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sun-moon-e1418948682290Wednesday morning the Moon starts out in later Taurus, cruising along pleasantly without applying aspects. Taurus ruler Venus does the same in Libra. Both have just come off big aspects, so the mood and aesthetic are still charged but not accelerating. (…)
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Full Moons bring to fruition the energy activated by the previous New Moon. The New Moon in Scorpio was all about death, and transformation (or release) and there has certainly been a fair bit of that going around! Now the Sun is in sunny Sagittarius things should be getting a bit lighter, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be (yet).


The Gemini Full Moon, exact tomorrow (Wed)  at 5:44 pm EST (22:44 UTC)  will bring a focus on communication and the expression of personal beliefs and ideas. Because it aligns with a Saturn-Neptune square that is becoming exact the very next day (Thurs), that expression is going to be full of challenges.
Sun in Sagittarius is the truth teller.
Moon in Gemini also wants to communicate.
The conversation will be rather serious (Saturn)
Misunderstandings are …
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Tracys Astro Salon » Gemini Full Moon

November 25th, 2015 @ 4:06 am by Tracys Astro Salon

Gemini Full Moon
November 25 2015
5:44pm EST
3 Gemini 20  Sabian symbol:  Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas
3 Sagittarius 20 Sabian symbol: A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents
A Gemini full moon is  traditionally light and breezy, perhaps full of a few lies, maybe a tad shallow  and a whole lot of ADHD energy.   But god knows it is good for lot of laughs especially with its partner in crime the bigger-than- life Sagittarius.    Gemini full moon is where we ping pong between being the kid in the back of the class passing notes and making fun of the teacher.  To then being the teacher at the front of the class busting the student passing the note.    Back and forth we go from shooting off our mouth like an authority …
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Untitled by Santiago Sito, CCL


Good god, its holiday season again?  Ugh, here I am still trapped in Leo season… What happened to this year? Seems like just a week ago I was lounging by a pool under the SoCal desert sun, and now its too cold for a bro-tank (which doesn’t stop me from wearing one, mind you!) and I have to deal with my family again?! #IsItAriesSeasonYet?

I don’t have much of a preface, so let’s just jump in to it like so much gravy, shall we? Besides, since when is Saggo about subtlety and buildup?

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune– Okay, just breathe you guys. Yes this is a lot, but you can handle it. The lead up to this is exhausting, mostly because of Saturn-Neptune draining Mars’ vitality. The way

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Things just aren’t what they appear to be

What I’m about to write might alienate you, anger you, push you further away from being a client/student/friend, but that’s the way it goes. Long ago, I realized that my brand of content wasn’t for everyone, but for those who wanted to awaken from their slumber of denial and complicity, the work has been effective.

When we talk about awakening, what is it that we are actually referring to? Is it cognition and awareness of our own robotic reactions in a world of other reactive robots? Is it the fact that almost all of history and the current rendition of reality is/are fake simulations conjured up by the Archonic mages of finance, governance and media? What does it mean to be awake and are their limitations or conditions we need to be …

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Continuing the series of monthly posts on Fixed Stars in each tropical zodiac sign, a look at the list for Sagittarius.

Data comes from Astroweb (HERE), showing star positions in 1900 in the left-hand column and in 2000 on the right.

Astrological interpretations for some of those stars, if found to be tightly conjunct a natal personal planet, or important point, are available online. A…

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ElsaElsa » Heading into the Thanksgiving Holiday

November 24th, 2015 @ 7:43 am by ElsaElsa

RoastTurkeyIt’s complicated out there. It’s as if there’s three camps.  We’ve got a stellium in Sagittarius – good times, bay-bee!
We’ve also got a Grand Trine in Earth. Holiday meal, anyone?

Last, we have a Cardinal T-square involving Venus, Uranus and Pluto. This situation is volatile and unpredictable. It’s threatening.

You can see all this manifesting as American hit the road and the sky (Sagittarius) to eat (Earth), under a worldwide travel alert!

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shelfTuesday morning the Taurus Moon trines Pluto and goes on to trine Jupiter in Virgo, earthy. Taurus ruler Venus moves past exact opposition to Uranus, so the mood helps restore a feeling of solidity, of ease, after a few days of unsettled desire. (…)
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