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runway modelsSoon, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces.  The entire collective will be dealing with a reality that’s constantly morphing. Your self esteem or confidence is here…then gone.

People withe planets at the early degrees of the mutable signs are already affected by this. I wrote this for a client, yesterday:

“…Let’s say you’re a model, a pro. Some days you feel great. Other days, not so much. You still have to get out there and walk, don’t you?

Work that angle. Feel the fear, the repulsiveness, the confusion, whatever…you still go do your job.

As an example, do you know how I feel when I write this? It doesn’t matter does it? I’m a pro!

Think of this when it’s show time and you think you suck. Too bad, so sad. You wanted this gig. You got it,

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satori on ElsaElsa » Weekend Love Forecast

October 31st, 2014 @ 6:02 am by satori on ElsaElsa

Zhang Ziyi - Chen ChangFriday evening the Moon in Aquarius trines Mercury and opposes Jupiter. Mercury sextiles Jupiter (all weekend). It’s a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to breath free for the first time in a bit! It’s the chance to rise above and talk about something new, the mood to take a new direction and push off into new territory via the mind. (…)
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November 6th brings us a Full Moon at 14 degrees Taurus. Full Moons are culminations, and this one will be marked by the Taurus themes of preservation, resources, self-sufficiency and possessions. What do you have that you want to hang … Continue reading →

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Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon,

Merc, catches up to the North Node, and gives us a look.
It’s a directional, ~go thataway~
by tomorrow it’s even more plain to see.

Jupiter trines the South Node, Uranus close enough by for an itchy trigger finger.
Can you avoid the same old mistakes?
You DO know now what they are.

Venus Conjuncts the Sun,
and Pluto is right there in the middle between the Sun/Venus and Neptune
whether you need him or not.
A pull, and a little undertow, but nothing Capricorn Mars can’t handle.

Come closer…

Chilly and definite, but with a dream of art.

Neptune cracks a window in an otherwise airless room, and asks us how long, for what, and why, couldn’t it be otherwise?

If you get a knock on your door, or anywhere,
pay attention,
bumps and bruises

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ElsaElsa » Astrology Holiday Guide – 2014-2015

October 30th, 2014 @ 11:59 am by ElsaElsa

holiday_banner_adI’ve been blogging for almost fifteen years. Invariably, I slow down over the holidays.

Last year, we were dealing with a cardinal grand cross. It was wicked back then. People wished they had the information in my newsletter ahead of time. This made a lot of sense, so I put together a holiday guide that people really liked.

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transit watch elsa 4The full moon in Taurus takes place on November 6th.  This is a big one.

The Moon opposes the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, which puts the focus on relationships. Jupiter in Leo squares all three body, enlarging the effect.

I used the word “commitment” in the title of this, because Saturn in loosely involved, but at a later degree. What I see is all the lights turned up under the full moon. You’ll be shown the big picture…after which Saturn will settle things.

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classicsThursday morning the Moon starts out at the end of Capricorn without any major aspects. When it moves into Aquarius, it picks up a wide square to the Sun in Scorpio. The Sun conjuncts Venus. It may feel like a slow start followed by a jump start. There’s likely to be a small amount of frustration associated with the mood but nothing outrageous. (…)
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On the heels of the current sextile-fest, things will start to get bumpy. But it’s cool, because we’re in Scorpio season. Scorpio thrives on difficulties. November 2nd to 3rd sees a soothing trine between Venus in Scorpio and Chiron Rx … Continue reading →

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ElsaElsa » Grinding It Out, Today

October 28th, 2014 @ 12:44 pm by ElsaElsa

tenacityThat’s a picture of the sky right now. I named the image, “tenacity”.  This energy screams, work it out!

I’m going to finish my Holiday Guide today. It should be available tomorrow.

I actually like this super-focused, disciplined energy. Maybe not all the time, but now and then you just want to get something done. This energy is perfect for focusing and hitting the home run that wins the game.

It also makes me think of being nine months pregnant. Few women are keen to go ten months, right?  No more languishing around. Let’s get this show on the road!

Do you have something you need to start or finish?


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eyelinerTuesday morning the Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn and into conjunction with Mars. It’s a mood to do, to move, and in Capricorn that’s likely to be slowly and deliberately. Let’s work! It’s a morning when work feels good. Maybe your particular work doesn’t appeal to you, but the energy is in the air (and the earth!) for that general satisfaction. It’s do the right thing time. If what you’re doing doesn’t feel right, that’s a prime indicator you should looking at how to tweak it so it does. (…)
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