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peachesWednesday morning the Taurus Moon starts out in sextile to Neptune and quincunx to Saturn as it moves into trine with Pluto. The day’s mood is a two-parter, both sweet but for different reasons. The first part of the day is imaginative and deep with a wash of satisfying, connected permanence. (…)
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Donald J Trump is a Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius and Leo Rising.

For those who know astrology none of this is surprising.  The Tweets, the mercurial temperment, the catch phrases for his opponents all speak to the Gemini Sun.   Moving quickly, perhaps rushing too fast, shallowness and little patience especially on the edge of being bored –also Gemini.   But for people who are drawn to DJT they love the constant comments and find his candor refreshing and at at times funny.   Again, Gemini.   The Moon in Sagittarius is the big opinions, paints with a big brush, big rhetoric,  telling the truth as he sees it, all Moon in Sag.    Leo Rising is all about the doing things big, like a big big beautiful wall.   Cocky and ego run amock which I think even his fans can agree is evident, …

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dougnut boxTuesday morning the late degree Aries Moon quincunxes Scorpio Mars on its way out of the sign. This comes on the heels of the Moon lighting up the Mercury-Uranus trine in fire and some outrageously good ideas. The collective mood is available to turn the crank and put them into motion. Take your shot!(…)
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Astrology Insights: With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in creative Leo, we should act like lions: laze around and enjoy the summer. The city has been bathed in glorious sunlight. Amsterdam is awash with tourists taking time out from busy lives. It might seem a bit strange to equate creativity with lazing around – but truly, the best ideas can emerge when the mind is relaxed. On Wednesday, Mercury trines Uranus. This is highly progressive energy and we might expect to achieve a lot in a relatively short time. Be willing to bend the mind, to stretch the muscle, to reach for wayward solutions… Reality bites on Friday, when Mercury squares Mars. This could express as a clash of ideas, a verbal battle, cutting remarks. Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs – and Mars is still in Scorpio. An

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If you live on earth and you own a TV or a computer then you are aware the United States is in the middle of a presidential election cycle.   If you are an American and you have not been paying attention to the race, well, first of all, I am in awe of your discipline to block it out, that is talent.  Second, I invite you to start watching because it is a circus on the edge of a shit show.       Even in the nose bleed section you will see cuckoo on crazy.   No kidding.

We have just completed the RNC and are into the first day of the DNC.     We are currently in the Cancer lunar cycle which began July 4 (fittingly) with the New Moon.   On the new moon chart there was an opposition to Pluto.  I …

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ElsaElsa » Fighting: Mars Around the Zodiac…

July 25th, 2016 @ 12:19 pm by ElsaElsa

Mars paintingPersonally, my Mars is broken in Libra. Mars shows how you get what you want. It shows how you hunt, how you get the man/woman and also how you take out an enemy. The problem with Mars in Libra is that Libra is nice. Libra is not actually any nicer than anyone else but they do have to act as if they are. This is their job on the planet.

This means I may want to hit you with a bat but the second I think it I realize that these are not “nice” things to do. Since I’m not allowed to disturb the peace, that plate does not crash down on top of your head – which I regret!
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Uranus by JohnUranus is stationing @ 24 degrees Aries, turning retrograde on Friday, July 29th. Since separating from Pluto, this energy has behaved like some kind of aggressive wrecking ball. It’s as if we’re hurtling into the bloody, violent future. Based on this, I look forward to the retreat.(…)
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When considering partnership Astrology and compatibility, I’ve always maintained that Mercury is a highly underrated planet.

It somehow gets lost in the shuffle. When many of us ask if we’re “compatible” with another individual, we seem to go straight to the Venus and Mars portion of the show, which would suggest the physical attraction,  links of passion, and the SEX.

However, upon further investigation into our relationships, we start to hear things like ; “He/She isn’t really talking about anything” or “I don’t understand how  He/She thinks.” Now, we’ve opened the door for Mercury.

In relationships (and generally) Mercury is the planet which symbolizes communication.  The “winged messenger” resides over the left brain logical processing of information, the classification of facts,  our analytical faculties and speech. The energy of Mercury is discriminating, as it reduces the whole to parts in …

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window displayMonday morning the Aries Moon squares Pluto and trines Venus in Leo. It’s one of those times when what you want is RIGHT THERE, all lined up, and it won’t come along quietly. Either there are power struggles to contend with or it takes more effort than you expected. In any case, the Moon moves along. Don’t waste energy and damage your calm if you can wait it out. (…)
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The stiff competition that you have this week just gives you the green light to pull out all of the stops and be the best you that you can be without caring if it bothers anyone else.
You are strong and you can get through this difficult time, but you may have to change your mind about some things. You can be very stubborn and fiercely loyal sometimes, and it usually serves you well, but this time, try to be flexible. An extra bonus or dividend should be tucked away so that you are not tempted to give it to someone who won’t appreciate it
You will have to pick a side this week when two or more of your friends start to argue. Staying neutral will not be an option as your values are at stake
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