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Pisces Moon trine Scorpio MarsThursday morning the Moon hits the early degree of Aries… and not much else. The mood is off running with no restrictions, only the things you choose to bend to. It’s a good time to get things started and get a lead on everyone else. It’s a trailblazer day. (…)
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the astrology of love and relationships: When Iman met Bowie
The energy that draws two people towards each other is part of a great mystery. Chemistry between two people either exists – or it doesn’t exist. We are unable to control it. It is a law unto itself. Much has been written since the passing of David Bowie about the deep love he shared with his wife Iman. I want to try to understand that connection – hence this article. David Bowie met Iman through a friend at a dinner party, on October 14th 1990.  This meeting took place two week after the last date in the Sound and Vision tour. (My source for this data is the book ‘Hello Spaceboy: The Rebirth of David Bowie’ by Dave Thomson, see pages: 68-70; data for the Sound and Vision tour, is

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zodiac green vintageHello Elsa,

My chart is rife with a multitude of squares, T-squares, oppositions, and  a quincunx. So, I go to astrodienst, to look at the daily probables, seems as if any good is being cancelled out by the good etc.

When dealing with personal, one on one relationships, well. I can be getting along perfectly fine with another individual, whether it be male/female or love related/ platonic, take a quick gaze at the composite chart etc. It’s all about hell-fire and brimstone. (…)
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JupiterHi Elsa,

Jupiter Enters Libra: September 9, 2016, I have five planets – Mercury, Sun, Uranus, lilith and Pluto in Libra in my 9th house. I’ll be really thankful if you can tell me the significance of this.

Stellium in unknown location

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pinkWednesday morning the Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto and trines Scorpio Mars. Mars sextiles Venus and trines Chiron in Pisces. The Moon passes over Chiron midmorning and sextiles Venus. Venus passes beyond exact trine to Jupiter to conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. We’ve got powerful, feely, beneficial action with the details flying around us like giant clockwork gears. Keep your hands and feels inside the car at all times and enjoy the ride!(…)
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coldplay-chris-martin-2015-amas-billboard-650Well the smoke has cleared and even if Mars is still cavorting in my 12th House, I have to chime in on the latest Super Bowl ritual. As Lady Gaga (Aries) did a fairly respectable job, delivering a restrained version of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Clad in scarlet, from her lashes to her Gucci tailored suit, she was all business, subdued and deviously occulted. This would be a theme that would be consistent with the halftime show.

When it was announced that she would sing he anthem, curious minds were wondering how crazy, bizarre and devilish would Gaga materialize as.

She didn’t and yet—she did.

This Super Bowl, 50, marked a turning point in the annual, Aquarian, high ritual, but make no mistake about it. It was still there, but just like Gaga’s appearance, hidden and occulted.

Whether it’s Joan …

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venus neptune candyTuesday morning the Moon in early Pisces moves up on a dreamy conjunction with Pisces ruler Neptune. In addition, we have Capricorn Venus trine Jupiter all blessed day. I suggest we all blur out the rough edges and concentrate on raking in the inflated pleasure points. With Venus on the midpoint of the Mars-Chiron trine, taking pleasure in where you are right now brings healing. Let your well fill up. (…)
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The great deception is that after buying a beautiful tablet and smartphone, and after using them only for a few months I noticed that the charge on the battery was lost considerably. In 8 hours I lost 6 percent on standby at the beginning, after two months I lost 10 percent in the same time. I then realised that the smartphone and tablet both are unopenable and to replace the shitty battery is not possible. In 24 months when the makers of my phone and tablet release their brand new products, #8 or #9 or #3 or whatever edition it is, do they expect me to throw my old phone and tablet in the garbage? I paid about $300 and $600 for my phone and tablet. I bought beautiful cases for them and take extreme care over them so as …

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ElsaElsa » Getting Ready To Be Crippled

February 8th, 2016 @ 1:55 pm by ElsaElsa

caneI bought a cane over the weekend. I don’t know if I am becoming crippled or not.  Seriously, this is up in the air. But I’ve had enough times when I can’t walk without holding onto something; it’s apparent that I should at least have one around. I spent $10, okay?  Hopefully it will be a temporary cane for emergencies, but I really don’t know.

If you want to send me medical advice, I hope you won’t.

I got the cane on Saturday. Sunday I was dressed for church. “Let’s see what this looks like,” I said to my husband. I was going to pose with my cane and look at myself.

“Are you bringing that today?” he asked.

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sun-moon-e1418948682290Monday morning the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Uranus and squares Mars as it moves toward conjunction with the Sun. Try not to punch anyone in the face, even if it seems like the natural progression of things. Don’t start anything from a base in anger. If you give it a bit, that particular impulse will pass. As the great Kimmy Schmidt said, “You can stand anything for ten seconds.” Just keep re-upping on the ten if that’s a problem. (…)
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