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The general consensus on eclipses is that New Moon eclipses are “good” and full moon eclipses are “bad”. In the spirit of Jupiter in Libra, I’d like to hash this out a little!!(…)
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Diane O on ElsaElsa » Those Stubborn Uranus Squares

February 20th, 2017 @ 11:35 am by Diane O

I’ve always had my shorts in a bunch, emotionally. I have a Scorpio moon, squared by Uranus. I have spent a lot, a REAL LOT of time contemplating Uranus squares. My daughter has one, as well—Sun square Uranus. My son, he has Uranus as the final dispositor of his chart! All of us are stubborn, beyond belief. Stuck on stupid, in some ways. Not in all ways, mind you- both my kids are absolute geniuses in some ways, they are quirky and highly intelligent. Myself, I’ve always been called things like “clever”, or “sharp”. No one ever accused me of being a genius….but my Uranus side comes out through my love of Astrology. That Moon (in the 7th house) makes me able to “get people” in a way that is unique (Uranus). Communication comes through in very quirky ways, not …

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The Sagittarius Moon is enjoying herself now and today she has the pleasure of happily dancing with Mercury in Aquarius at dawn, then gets a fiery boost from Uranus in Aries, followed by a sextile to her beloved Jupiter in Libra late morning. This will get our day off and running, thanks to a surge of feel good energy. It will be late afternoon/early evening when the pace slows due to the Moon conjoining Saturn in Sagittarius, after which she goes void-of-course until around midnight. For many people here in the USA, today is a holiday and plenty of those folks will probably want to get out of the house for awhile. Even if you have to work, it should still be a decent, upbeat sort of day. 🌠☾♐🌠

If you have a thorny problem to solve, today Mercury in …

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Protected Waters

There is plenty happening this first week of Pisces Season! Mercury in Aquarius is on a roll as it heads towards Pisces Saturday. Mars in Aries is being a major pain this week, and then we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Sunday.

I’m going to start with a look at the favorable aspects Mercury makes on its way to Pisces on Saturday because being able to find perspective will make all the difference in how we’re able to handle what Mars is going to throw at us.

Monday Mercury in Aquarius will be sextile Uranus in Aries, great for sparking our ability to come up with brilliant solutions. The natural affinity between any planet in Aquarius and its ruler, Uranus, is evident at this time. The only serious drawback that I see is those solutions may …

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black and white cookies and spumoniThis week is a last quarter Moon between the eclipses. The Moon slims down from quarter to sliver to nearly nothing. Or as Vachel Lindsay said: “The Moon’s the North Wind’s cookie; he bites it, day by day. Until there’s but a rim of scraps that crumble all away.”(…)
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We are in the final week of the Aquarius lunar cycle.   This weekend we moved into Last Quarter Moon.  We have spent three weeks assessing our connections with others in particular groups.   We feel connected or we feel left out.  We feel like we have found a good group for us and our goals and aspirations.  Or we think we may not have found the right group.

Lots of things to ponder and on this last quarter moon we take thethe final push on our willingness to  connect with groups.  Maybe we are leaders hiding?  Maybe we are master networkers and can connect the right person with another right person and something magical happens?   is it time to show up?  Yes, it is.     This is the time we stretch and really see how we can push our selves with

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diceI wrote this in 2009. It’s eight years later – nothing has changed.  Get a load at how clear cut this is. This is how you learn astrology!

I wrote about the opposition in my son’s chart here: Strife Between The Parents.  This aspect causes my son a good deal of grief. Still, the energy is in his chart and undeniable.

This stress constellates around him wherever he goes. I have an example that is stunning and simultaneously usual. It demonstrates to me that if you have something like this in your chart, you can’t run and you can’t hide.
Read the rest of If Your Child Has An Oppositions In Their Chart… (386 words)


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The Sagittarius Moon is in a lighthearted mood today thanks to a trine to lively Venus in Aries in the morning, followed soon after by a square to Neptune in Pisces. We may have big ideas about what we want to accomplish today but overcoming inertia could be a problem. The Moon-Neptune square is bound to dissipate energy and create a state of aimlessness. What we end up doing will probably depend on how energetic we are naturally. It is OK to give ourselves permission to laze around for one day too. 🌠☾♐🌠

One good reason to rest and relax today is Mars in Aries is going to be in a rare mood this coming week. Not only that but the second of the two eclipses takes place a week from today, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. …

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ElsaElsa » Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion

February 19th, 2017 @ 1:34 pm by ElsaElsa

Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion

This is a strong statement. I believe it’s true. I wrote about having a Venus Mars sextile in chart. It brings me good deal of satisfaction (Little Things Mean A Lot). Whatever love or money I get, I tend to feel satisfied with it. While this brings me much pleasure, what do you think this does to my drive?

If I am satisfied… a fed dog as I say, I’m not inclined to go out and hunt as a hungry dog surely will. Consequently I may not achieve as much as a person with those planets in hard aspect.
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Aurum Astrology » ‘Keep the faith baby.’

February 19th, 2017 @ 5:43 am by Aurum Astrology


We are at the halfway point between eclipses. Eclipses always mark key shifts and indicate areas in need of change. The in-between time is particularly potent, as we hold the tension between what is dissolving and what is coming into being.  This process will come to a turning point at the New Moon Solar eclipse on Feb 26th.
Meanwhile, the Sun has moved into Pisces and the Moon is currently in freedom loving Sagittarius, and in a 90 ° angle to where the next eclipse will be. That angle creates a tension and an urge to act or react to the planets involved.  Both now and at the eclipse, the Moon will be linking with Neptune in Pisces, which signifies the dreamer (or escapist) in us all.

 Pisces points to our soul journey on planet earth. Both Pisces and …

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