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Image result for Finding the Light in Darkness

(photo: bendsoflight.wordpress.com)

As we make the transition from Libra season into Scorpio, there’s a shift in dynamic which we feel unmistakably. The urge for the scales’ collaboration and refined social intercourse gives way to a more instinctual and raw gut-level reality which encapsulates survival. How well we adjust to this season depends on how willing we are to face the shadows. After all, we’re dealing with less light to operate with at this time of year. Not only physically, but also on a psychological level.

Astrologer Howard Sasportas once remarked that Astrological archetypes are like an elevator; we tend to live them out at varying levels throughout our lives. Some of us aspire to the top floor of a sign, while others may stay on the ground level. Out of all of the signs on the wheel of life, Scorpio …

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Back in elementary school, I remember when we studied rocks and their various classifications. Some of them were used as components to build, i.e. for structural purposes, while others seemed to be a massive obstruction, and their weight actually helped to provide a blockade or control barrier for flooding.

When we look at Moon-Saturn contacts in Synastry, we could easily make a comparison to these basic lessons. When two individuals share these aspects in relationship Astrology, the structures and containment of the emotional life is a highlighted theme.

This dynamic can operate where both partners share a safe place to express their feelings without reservations because they’ve done the work to build a mature foundation of mutual dignity and respect. There’s a certain consistency of words and actions aligning via an external demonstration of commitment and endurance despite the hardships …

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As a counseling Astrologer, when writing about synastry, which surveys relationship potential and compatibility  between two people (as suggested by their birth charts), one of my main responsibilities is to be an “opener of doors” and an interpreter of potentials and possibilities. No narrative between two individuals is a static, fixed one.

Advancing the art of synastry requires creativity, and a  far-seeing telescopic lens devoid of the “by rote” recitation of familiar and stale scenarios which couldn’t revive themselves even using the most powerful set of defibrillators.

In addressing issues surrounded by compatibility, our birth charts serve as a basis, foundation or a tool.  Then, the people breathe life into it, catapulting themselves off the paper into real-time, as to honor and support the unfolding human being.

Let’s take a journey into the realm of the Moon and …

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Keywords used in interpretation of zodiac signs and astrological houses are a handy tool, especially helpful to beginners who wish to learn more about the ancient art. There are several websites online offering lists of keywords – for example HERE, under “Introduction to Astrology.”
Among astrology-related books lining my shelves is “Astrological Keywords” by Manly P. Hall. The author is…

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ElsaElsa » Weekend Cheat Sheet & Surprise

October 21st, 2016 @ 8:05 am by ElsaElsa

vintage scorpio babyIt’s been awhile since I gave you a blow by blow cheat sheet. Many of you love these, so here you go:
The cardinal t-square is weakening now, though it will be felt strongly on Friday and Saturday. This is because the Moon is in Cancer, sensitizing the situation.

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moon-phasesMars in Capricorn is pulling away from Pluto and not quite into anything else just yet. This gives us a chance to look up and notice all the great stuff going on all around… as we keep moving forward. Slow and steady wins the race. But what if there’s no race? What if it’s just a chance to enjoy what you’re doing and have something to show for it? (…)
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ElsaElsa » Why Is Scorpio Repulsive?

October 20th, 2016 @ 11:17 am by ElsaElsa

scorpio necklace with beadsRaven asked on, How To Raise A Scorpio Child, “Why is Scorpio so repulsive?”

I’m not repulsed by Scorpio. I’m attracted. But I understand why this quality is associated with the sign.

It’s because Scorpio is magnetic. A lot of people don’t like that.   Legions of people don’t like it.

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Trump and ClintonTrump and Clinton

(Astrology Explored) Tonight, October 19, 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump go at it one more time on the debate floor making their case to the American public.

The announced topics are immigration, entitlements and debt, the Supreme Court, the economy, foreign policy and the candidates’ fitness to serve. The format is at once loose and rigid. Each candidate will stand at a podium, much like the first one, and each candidate will have two minutes to speak on each topic. Then the moderator, Chris Wallace, will question them for an additional eleven minutes before they go on to the next topic.

The venue is an interesting one, University of Nevada in Las Vegas,and you wonder why that place? I have no information on the workings of the debate committee, but the astrology is fairly clear. …

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ElsaElsa » Horrible Natal Charts – Terrible Lives

October 19th, 2016 @ 11:58 am by ElsaElsa

zodiac-plate-vintageHi, Elsa.

Have you read a birth chart that made you think it would be exceedingly difficult for one to positively navigate self and life without given a massive amount of professional guidance; as well as finding the guidance necessary to be difficult to nearly impossible to access?

This begs the question, at least from me, would the latter also be alluded to, or be part of the individual’s birth chart as well?

Thank you, Ms. Elsa.(…)
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