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detritus Wednesday morning the Moon in Libra makes a cardinal t-square with Pluto and Uranus. While it’s happening, the mood is dicey and explosive, but it’s also old news. This happens every month for a long time now! We’re learning to take this in stride and incorporate the shadow and innovation into balancing our mood!(…)
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Sol W.Jonassen » Eclipse

October 22nd, 2014 @ 5:27 am by Sol W.Jonassen

Ecliptic Magic!!

We are now just a day ahead of the eclipse, which happens to fall on the 00 degrees Scorpio. It is almost as if there is a plot destined to add a little fuel to the transformation that is drilling its way into the the very depth of the psyche, determined to bring out into conscious space all the parts of you that are either dying or wants die in order to get new life…

These are the parts of you that needs love and attention and reconnection into a bigger whole. It is the parts in you that drains your power and that needs to be given another role other than being the destroyer, the whiner, the sucker or the one who gives up.

Eclipses are a chance to rewire and clean out old software, dragged down …

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Give something away?
Is that the best way to receive?

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd.
Over our heads, aware of the cost and no turning back…
Yet it’s hopeful.

A beginning.
Who doesn’t want a change?

~That’s right, everyone wants a change.~

The old way has taken us this far, but we can’t stop here,
we put some blood into it,
and that most precious vial of scorpionic fluid: hope.

It hurts for Scorpio to hope, it’s almost as if there was a limited supply.
~that’s what you get with capricorn in the 3rd. A fear, or should we say knowledge based pragmatism.~

No matter. There is hope involved here.
Venus in her darkest and most irresistible guise brings forth her small store of atomic … passion… potency… surrender?


A biological imperative is released.
A sudden temperature …

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transit watch elsa 4Mercury turns direct at 16 degrees Libra, on Saturday, the 25th.  Make a note of what’s happening, because in March, 2015, Uranus and Pluto square off at this degree. This should be interesting, especially if you have natal planets at 16 Cardinal.

Mercury in Libra struggles to make decisions. With Mercury retrograde in the sign, that goes double.  With Mercury direct in Libra, people will be headed towards a decision…that will most likely be made, when Mercury hits Scorpio and made real, when Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn towards the end of November.

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Blacks Astrology » Scorpio Season

October 21st, 2014 @ 6:01 pm by Blacks Astrology

This is an especially potent Scorpion season because the sun will be closely conjunct Venus, a new moon/ partial solar eclipse all slide in there the same day as the sun. Venus is the ruler of the natural second house of the zodiac (Taurus) which corresponds to our personal resources, tastes, and how we like to be treated in relationships. This opposes the energy of the 8thhouse where Venus is now transiting along with the sun; new moon and the partial solar eclipse are set to occur. There will be a clash (opposition) between our own values and possessions (2nd house) and those that we why rely on others for in our lives (8th house), a new beginning (new moon/ eclipse) in how we balance these issues and the confidence and consciousness (sun) to make the necessary
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With this Venus/Mars blend, there’s a need to relate with the “other” on a physical/tangible level. Stability and consistency are integral ingredients to creating a rock solid union with another.

There’s a suggestion that energy is most productively applied toward endeavors which build bridges between parties and foster harmonious rapport. However,  clinging to inertia and underestimating the potential in relationships as vehicles for deep psychological change along with submergence of one’s individuality in intimate liaisons are themes which need to be squarely examined within this planetary combination.

There’s a danger in wholly accepting partnerships at “face value” without analyzing the more elaborate implications of behavior, motivations and the changes which occur in our thinking as a result of merging our concepts and values with another.

To be deeply involved is to risk. Both courageously voicing one’s observations and also accepting …

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stellium in libraCheck out the stellium in Libra, as we head into to the solar eclipse in Scorpio.  It’s so niiiiice.

Nice and controlling, that is!

This airy sociability will be interesting to watch and experience, as we head into Thurday’s solar eclipse in Scorpio.

Get an idea how the eclipse will impact you, here – Effects By House.

Discuss it here – Scorpio New Moon Eclipse.

Discuss the stellium in Scorpio this weekend, here – October 23-25th.


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aesthetic Tuesday morning the Moon moves from Virgo to Libra, Mercury ruled to Venus ruled. With both Mercury and Venus in Libra, the transition should be smooth and pleasant. The mood shifts focus from the mind to the aesthetic. So comb your hair or whatever it is that you do. It’s an attractive mood!(…)
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Scorpio is about transformation of self through joining with others. It rules sex, death and shared resources (including inheritances, taxes etc). Its symbols are the snake, eagle, phoenix, scorpion. This is where we shed our skin to reveal a new layer of being.

Eclipses present a break with the past and a chance for a new beginning. At 0 degrees, this eclipse  also links to what is called the ‘Aries point’ (beginning of the zodiac) and thus is particularly potent (try saying that ten times!!!)   Within its shadow, we can we finally face those hidden parts of ourselves that keep us dancing in the dark. What ever you are clinging to, it’s time to let go.

The period between two eclipses is especially powerful. The Full Moon eclipse two weeks ago in Libra highlighted relationships and the underlying polarization of

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popcorn poppingThe Uranus Pluto transit to my natal Mercury has created tremendous upheaval in my life. Nothing bad has happened. But in the last couple months, we’ve decided to move ‘cross country, a year sooner.  I’ve planted grass over my garden, torn up the kitchen and now the bathroom.

I’ve given a truckload of stuff to my neighbor, who likes to have yard sales. I don’t want to move this stuff, or sell it, so this is the easiest way to clear things out and reward a good neighbor (Mercury) in the process.

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