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Friday night the Pisces Moon builds into Saturday’s new moon conjunction with the Sun. On its way, it sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and trines retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. The mood sparkles with a captivating, undulating noir heat, the kind only … Read More…

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Mars In Capricorn: March 17 2018 – May 16 2018 Action planet Mars enters Capricorn this weekend, the star sign linked to hard work and ambition. Capricorn is responsible, authoritative and maintains rules and boundaries. Mars excels here as its forthright, direct nature can be channelled successfully into goals, projects and business enterprises. Here are […]

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Today is a New Moon in Pisces. The sacred union of masculine (sun) and feminine (moon)- is a seed time- a creative impulse that moves us forward. This is when we set our intentions for the coming month. As we are at the very end of Pisces- and about to leap forward  into Aries/Spring- our […]

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  Recently, I wrote about purging and/or repairing old posts on this site – Old Posts Stir Old Feelings.  There are a lot of comments on that post that are pretty interesting. I was working on a chunk of content that … Read More…

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Sagittarian Mind » Pisces Sun, Libra Moon

March 16th, 2018 @ 4:29 am by Sagittarian Mind

  Within this combination, the need for personal refinement and gentility is wed with aspirations of merging with an entity greater than oneself through artistic endeavors. Your energy for self-expression is collected in a private space. The inner life is of utmost importance. You’re constantly engaged in your lifetime homework of discovering the unifying cords […]

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  Freedom and passion. Not at all an unlikely pairing of needs . However, one could easily see how there could be a challenge to integrate both when involved with another individual. The two needs would definitely have to negotiate with one another and come to a reasonable agreement . At least for that moment, or day in time. […]

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ElsaElsa » Manipulation: It’s Not A Dirty Word

March 15th, 2018 @ 5:43 pm by ElsaElsa

  Manipulation is a neutral word with a negative connotation. I just had a client concerned over the idea her man might be manipulative. Seeing his Mars conjunct Pluto, I assured he was manipulative. But so? People manipulate other people for … Read More…

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For former KGB agent, now leader of Russia, and idol of Donald Trump Vladimir Putin there are two possible natal horoscopes currently available, one a rectified version done in 2000 by Claude Weiss. Both charts may be speculative due to uncertain birth times. Here are both charts’ data: Vladimir Putin: October 7, 1952 9:30 am […]

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I love films from most genres. So, it just so happened that about a year ago, I came across “TIMER”, a film that was an official selection at the Tribeca Film festival in 2009. TIMER  was written and directed by Jac Schaeffer and some of the cast includes: Emma Caulfield, Michelle Borth and John Patrick […]

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  “I got in a fight with that crane operator today,” my husband said. “I used women techniques on him.” “You’re kidding me.” “No, I used women techniques all right. I wanted to try them out so I acted just like … Read More…

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