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scorpio necklace with beadsHi, Elsa.

I am 31 years old and throughout my life i have felt that true happiness has eluded me. I have had many moments of achievements, fun, togetherness with friends and family but a strange seriousness always engulfs me sooner or later. I had difficult childhood in a way that I felt unwanted and invisible from my mom.(…)
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lion vintage valentineMonday morning the early Leo Moon gets a bit of sunny-smooth sailing before it gets into aspect with much else. This brings a mood bump to the Virgo Sun order of the day, as the Sun moves into a bumpy t-square with Saturn and Neptune. A sunny mood helps the day get up and over a spate of inertia and false starts. Keep your sunny side up!(…)
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Make this a great week by not allowing the small stuff to get to you. Some of the more bothersome people in your life may want your energy to further their own ends, but you have things to do and can’t spare your precious life force- just say no! Be careful with delicate laundry-check the labels twice
If you are running late, and feeling a little less than a superstar, it’s ok. This week it is your turn to be less than perfect. You cover everyone else’s bases all the time so give yourself a beak is you are a little bit slower or less precise than usual. Be fair with siblings in financial matters; you’ll need their support later
Make a plan and stick to it; romantic distractions can be fun but you must keep your
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Synastry In Real Life. What happens when two people love each other but their love natures are mismatched. Can this be resolved?
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Tracys Astro Salon » Astrology This Week

August 28th, 2016 @ 5:19 am by Tracys Astro Salon

This week begins with Balsamic Moon.   We are releasing.  If some of you have had your emotions on a roller coaster, you will find yourself just letting that go.   Perhaps you just don’t give a shit.  Good for you.   On Tuesday beloved Mercury will go retrograde and we know what that means.   Let’s get our teeth drilled without numbing agents!   See separate post below for more details on retrograde.
Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse is September 1.
I’m working on it right now and will post later tomorrow.
Not going to sugar coat it, it is a bitch but I want to take time and highlight the nuances.
Watch this space.
Balsamic Moon Phase
August 28, 2016
11:36am EDT
Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.
Focus on We release our emotions.  We release our …
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Mercury Retrograde
It is interesting that our brains have to go backwards for three weeks while we process the eclipses in September and the Saturn/Neptune final square.   Well, that’s not exactly true our brains stay where they are but our thoughts will slow down.  Perhaps we are not supposed to get too far out there with grand ideas.   Instead our brains and thoughts have to be measured as we look at our daily life and make sure we are taking care of ourselves.
For nearly a year we have been processing what is bluster and righteous from what is real?   What is deceit from what is a higher love?   And everyone has been tested to WALK their TALK.  If we aren’t doing it we’re getting called on it.  If others aren’t doing it we are calling them on it.  Some …
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It’s a common phenomena.  The matriarch or the patriarch of a family passes and the family unravels.  I knew a mother who died, leaving her husband and four sons behind.  The men never realized she was what held them together and helped them relate to each other.   When she left the picture each man became an island.

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kramerDear Elsa,

I’ve always thought of myself as a very honest person. My opinion is always the honest one, and I’m not one to mince words to spare the feelings of others. Someone’s going to tell them the truth eventually anyway so it might as well be me! So then why is it that I compulsively lie to my significant other in times of uncertainty or defensiveness??

He really caught me off guard with something this afternoon, and I immediately made the situation so much worse by lying about it. Eventually I got around to telling the truth, but the damage is done. And this is not the first time I’ve lied in such a knee-jerk fashion… I just wish I could get a grip!

Leo Girlfriend
United States(…)
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ElsaElsa » Sin Eaters

August 26th, 2016 @ 12:30 pm by ElsaElsa

Sin eating is a custom that dates to the Middle Ages. It was practiced parts of England and Scotland and survived into the late 1800’s or early 1900’s in Wales…and also in Appalachia, USA.

Sin eaters were poor people who were paid to take on the sins of the of the dead. It was believed this freed the deceased from walking the earth after death.  The sin eater would be served a meal on top the corpse at a wake. Often they were hungry. This is why they took the job.

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Off courseThere is such a thing as losing a ten year chunk of your of life. This is more common than people realize. It can manifest in a number of ways.

You may marry poorly or take the wrong job. You can get drunk for ten years or just plain go through a time that is so out of character for you it can be equated to something akin to temporary insanity.

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