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ElsaElsa » Heebie Jeebies

March 30th, 2015 @ 8:22 am by ElsaElsa

saint michealOh jeez. I have a new person obsessed with me.

Dang it!

I am in no mood for this right now.

Er…I’m squatting in a rental house with no refrigerator, a broken stove and no bedroom door, after a very harrowing week.

Having no energy for these games right now,  I call on Saint Michael the Archangel to defend me and my family as I put things in order so I can get back to work!

Grand trine in fire vs this Pluto ick.


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piggybackMonday morning the Moon in Leo trines Uranus and squares Venus in Taurus. Venus trines Pluto. Mercury is at the end of Pisces and Mars is at the end of Aries. So we have a lot of intensity, attachment to what we want, and the urge to get in the last word or final action. With Mercury in Pisces, there’s also the propensity to kid ourselves about what we mean and why we’re saying it. It’s good times if you’re willing to enjoy drama or generous enough to laugh it off!(…)
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The coming week, heading into various religious festivals, also brings the first significant Bradley Model turn date for 2015.

The Full Moon next weekend will be a lunar eclipse … sister of the recent solar eclipse … and the configuration will again trigger the broad implications of the long-running Uranus-Pluto square we’ve talked about many times in the past few years.

Uranus and Pluto have now completed exactitude of the square for the last time, but the “orb” of the aspect will continue to linger.

Jupiter, head honcho of the Old Gods, will also be strongly influential in the next few weeks, as it goes Direct and receives a trine from the Sun. Strong Jupiter periods tend to exaggerate either optimism or fear, so we can expect some explosive moves … one way or the other.

The period finds …

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Mercury, the communication planet enters Aries to join up with the sun, Uranus and Mars (Mars, Aries’ planetary ruler will enter Taurus tomorrow). This comes right before the lunar eclipse in Aries on April 4 that will rile the last bit of frustration out of the now separating Uranus/Pluto square. Communication will become much more forceful, to the point, and with purpose.  Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac and its key words are “I Am”. When planets are transiting Aries, or ruling planet Mars, (or you have natal planets or points in this sign) we use the energy of this sign and planet to make our way or personal mark in the world.
Under this transit we will not have the patience we normally have with our communications. We want answers now, we want to get
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Overview    Mercury moves into Aries on March 30th, giving information and communication an aggressive edge. It’s time for direct statements and blunt honesty; Aries’ energy has no patience for lies. Not everyone will be a fan of this type … Continue reading →

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Debbie Frank » Eclipsed Full Moon in Libra

March 30th, 2015 @ 5:20 am by Debbie Frank

Easter is all about darkness and light, death and re-birth and the cosmos is throwing us the kind of aspects that mirror this dramatic edge. An eclipsed Full Moon is plugging into Uranus and Pluto so it’s a fasten your seat belts kind of a week.…

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ElsaElsa » Settling In Under The Cancer Moon

March 29th, 2015 @ 4:38 am by ElsaElsa

moving truck saint louisWe’re here!

After all the hijinks, we arrived safely. We did not get the house we wanted, due to the appraisal report not being delivered and accepted until FIFTY days after it was ordered.

This caused a tremendous amount of stress…mostly due to the fact we have three dogs. Would you rent your house to someone who had three dogs? Probably not!

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I have to admit I groaned when I looked at the chart for the Lunar Eclipse at 14° 24′ Libra on 4 April 2015, 5:06 AM PDT. For those of us who have personal planets in the mid-degrees of the cardinal signs, this lunation hits us one more time with all the Uranus-Pluto square issues of the past year. To be sure, this is the last lunation where both Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn take part in the action. By the time the Sun is in Cancer, Uranus will have pulled far away from Pluto so we […]

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Pilot Andreas Lubitz (who according to the investigations intentionally crashed – on March 24th – the “Germanwings” plane into the French Alps) is not just a tragic suicidal figure but one of the major serial killers in world history as well (since he deliberately killed 149 innocent passengers and crew of the plane – among them several children )! This man somehow “sowed” an incredible amount of death to his fellow-humans and plunged hundreds of families into unfathomable pain and despair.

Astrologically speaking, all these elements bear a fatal “smell” that is usually stemming out of the sign of Scorpio (to be more precise, it is stemming out of the lower, “blindly destructive” nature of this sign and not out of its elevated “Eagle” version), out of Pluto or out of the Eighth House. We do not know Lubitz’s time

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Some significant Venus action coming up. March 25th sees an inconjunct between Venus in Taurus and the North Node in Libra (at 10 degrees). This aspect is special, because Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, but an inconjunct connects two … Continue reading →

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