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  James Woods is actor and an popular and outspoken conservative. He currently has 1.43 million followers on Twitter – @RealJamesWoods. I saw someone wish him a happy birthday and I got curious about his chart. Regardless of what you think … Read More…

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  As astrologers we can see see things in charts that can and have caused problems in our lives. I spoke with a client this morning who is concerned about various patterns of behavior in her past. She can point to … Read More…

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ElsaElsa » Recovering From Mercury Retrograde

April 20th, 2018 @ 10:13 am by ElsaElsa

  This last Mercury retrograde period was ridiculous. It was Saturn’s involvement, no doubt.  But I’m digging my way out. I have my new phone going and situated. I have my new computer set up near the machine that I’m retiring. … Read More…

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Today in the forum – The Darkest Aspects Of Life Stormy Daniels – Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon Sun, Moon or Asc on fixed star ALGOL (26 Taurus) What does the chart of a parent of a special-needs child look like? … Read More…

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Watching a DVD of the 2017 biographical drama film “Goodbye Christopher Robin” this week reminded me that here was another of those magical collaborations we encounter from time to time, partnerships which bring forth something that becomes almost legendary. I’ve mentioned a few such partnerships in past blogs…off the top of my head: Billie Holiday […]

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Saturn Retrograde    April 17 9:46 pm EDT    About 18 hours after Chiron goes into warrior Aries for its eight-year journey, Saturn stations retrograde at 9/10 degrees of Capricorn.   To put it mildly, that is what we call an interesting day.  Saturn moved into its home sign Capricorn late December. Saturn likes being in Capricorn, this is […]

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ElsaElsa » How Do You Make Amends?

April 19th, 2018 @ 11:48 am by ElsaElsa

  “It’s not up to me to make amends when they made it clear that my presence and voice and existence is offensive. You don’t come back from that.” That’s an excerpt from a comment, Jennifer, wrote on Are There People … Read More…

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April 18, 2018: below you see dual horoscopes of the upcoming US Solar Return 2018, one set for natal location of Philadelphia (lower left) and the other for our current capital of Washington DC (upper right). There are a few differences between the charts due to the two locations and both charts have my usual […]

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  When a person is under stress, it’s common to choose a shadow person to blame. I do it. I bet you do it too. You’re all keyed up so you start thinking about this person you don’t like. It distracts … Read More…

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The focus is in Aries. The New Moon on the early hours of Monday at 26+ degrees of Aries fell right in the middle of the Uranus-Eris conjunction. Mercury in Aries had turned direct on Sunday before the New Moon, giving a mental boost on this new lunation. On Tuesday Chiron, the first centaur discovered […]

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