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rest in the gardenMy husband have Jupiter in Sagittarius, at a early degree. Saturn is transiting his Jupiter at this time. We’ve definitely nailed down our future here. We’ve manifested (Saturn) his vision (Jupiter).

He’s got his new vision on a drawing board downstairs..literally. That’s a pic of it right there. He intends we rest in peace in  the garden where we paid for our niche in a Columbarium, just last week.(…)
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I’m having mild withdrawal symptoms don’t ya know? Haven’t had an Ancient Roman Festival to feature for quite some time. Let me see what was goin’ on during October in those long ago Roman days.

Ludi Augustales – October 3-12 Following his predecessors Sulla and Caesar, games were held in Augustus’ honor starting in 11 BC. It became a ten-day event under Tiberius. Usually only the last day…

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Virgo letters on beachThis has been an incredibly intense Mercury retrograde period, from my perspective.  The planet will turn direct at zero degrees Libra on October 9th.

Besides the fact that zero Libra is one of the critical degrees in astrology, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the n. node will all be in Mercury-ruled Virgo when the planet turns direct. This is a big one!

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laser pointerFriday night the Moon in Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries, and Moon sign ruler Mercury retrogrades back over Black Moon Lilith in Libra. This influence may wring some of the last remaining secrets from the eclipse relationship energy or flush little indiscretions from their hiding places. Some may roll off lilting tongues while others spring out of nowhere: “I ATE ALL THE CAP’N CRUNCH! I’M SORRY – I’M SO SORRY!”(…)
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Astropost » Mercury Retrograde AND inconjunct

October 2nd, 2015 @ 7:24 am by Astropost

Mercurius is retrograde.

I have written about Mercury retrograding before and mentioned what sort of disasters are to be expected, especially in the USA, where Mercury retrograde is a a period in which you shouldn’t buy, sign, travel, write or arrange anything if you don’t want to be delayed, fooled or forced to make other arrangements soon. That was exactly when I decided to install OSX…

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21st March – 20th April
The sun moves through your relationship chart till the 23rd(then it’s about trusting the process), and your ruler Mars is in problem-solving mode all month. It means that there’s a lot of focus on your connections with others and understanding how important authentic harmony is (as opposed to just not rocking the boat). Communication moves forward from the 9th, and differences or conflict with others are revolutionary around new moon time on the 13th, and productive and evolutionary around 16th/17thand from 23rd. Full moon on the 27th focuses on finance and self-worth, and all the value you’ve gained from October events.
21st April – 21st May
You’re finding your balance in so many ways this month, which means it’s ok …
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ElsaElsa » When You Find Out You’re Wrong…

October 1st, 2015 @ 10:17 am by ElsaElsa

sagittarius-poker-flamThis came up in the Saturn in Sagittarius workshop, I realized a day came when I realized I was pretty much wrong about everything.  It happens with age, I guess. You’re very sure you have something figured out, but then something happens and you realize you were completely misguided if not delusional.

In other cases, you may have been sort of right. Or maybe you were right, but missing so much of the nuance or the bigger picture, your “rightness” was marginal. So marginal, you have to be mighty generous with yourself to take credit for your tiny, shrimpy, rightness.

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swiss cheese fairyThursday morning the Taurus Moon squares Venus in Leo but makes no new aspects on its way through the end of the sign. Take care of yourself. Take care of your tummy and your self esteem. This is the kind of aspect that gives me sugar fatigue, where I realize I’ve been taking care of my desires at the expense of my actual needs. It’s at this point I try to remind myself that I’m not any more awful than I normally am and build myself back up. (…)
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mercury-coinToday is strange. Part of me wants to lie around and relax. Another part of me wants to reach out and tweak someone.

I have resisted the second impulse…barely.

And it shouldn’t be cut this close, because to make the call would be utterly destructive. Arrrgh.

People with planets at mid-degrees of the Cardinal signs. It’s not that easy, is it?


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