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Saturday April 18th was a New Moon in  Aries. A New Moon is a seed time… whatever we plant now will have extra impetus to grow and bloom. As this event occured in late Aries, we might consider this a late start, but  a good start nonetheless. Whatever you have been working on will start to bear fruit now.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a fiesty, asserive,  pioneering type of get and go energy. This is a time for self actualization as we move forward at mach speed. If you have planets or key angles  in the  late degrees of Aries,  on  in fact any of the cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)  you are probably now  blasting  out of the starting gate after a month of endings and new beginnings. In fact, with two eclipses behind …

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Today I want to discuss a couple of invisibles. Each has bearing upon the other and they’re inseparable.

First of all, there’s the great blind spot of human (un)consciousness: subjectivity. This is almost impossible to fathom, not least because its frequency is considerably higher than reason. It’s the great conundrum of science and the reasoning mindset that it cannot attune to states of being that are in excess of itself. So science cannot get to grips with love – whether personal or altruistic – except to say something banal and senseless about chemical activity in the brain. The only evidence that can be made in support of love is anecdotal; circumstantial even. The reasoning mind cannot say anything insightful about it at all. Philosophers and great thinkers throughout time have attempted to tackle these thorny subjects. Unfortunately, when Descartes concluded …

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Skimming through my archives, looking for something to click a switch in my head and lighten inspirational darkness, I hovered on a post from the summer of 2011:
Thoughts on Misogyny, Misandry & Sexism. With Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign run once again….hmmm.

Misogyny: The hatred of women. Misandry: The hatred of men. Sexism: The belief that one gender is superior…

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ElsaElsa » Today’s Stellium In Taurus

April 20th, 2015 @ 1:03 pm by ElsaElsa

stellium in taurusThat’s a picture of today’s stellium in Taurus. The house where it falls in your chart, should be stabilizing at this time.

The stellium falls in my 4th house, home and family.

We are selling one home and buying another. My husband is home and my son is not. This is backwards!

We have company here now and will be the company at someone’s home tomorrow.

It’s all slow-moving, even with Mars n the mix. The push (pull) is slow, steady and sustained.

Where does the stellium fall in your chart?


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zodiac cookbook vintageElsa, I had a question about why aspects may mean one thing in a natal chart, but in either a synastry or composite chart, they can mean something else. OR, with transits, too. For example, some aspects that I would typically associate as being negative are considered positive when looked at as part of a transit or any type of relationship report.

Why is the interpretation of the energy so different, depending on what type of chart you are reading? Is there an easy way to figure this out?

Befuddled in Lancaster

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spring flowersMonday morning the Moon is in lovely Taurus, lovely pleasure-seeking, adorable Taurus. Sign ruler Venus is just ahead in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo! This is quite a boost and opportunity. It blends fire and air energy, carrying undertones of value and beauty. Anything involving the aesthetic today is favored.(…)
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Glancing down a list of birthdays for 20 April I decided to pick three names which immediately brought some song or piece of music to mind.

First, surprisingly, was Adolph Hitler (20 April 1889) whose name comes up in the signature tune of an old British TV series (1968-1977) – Dad’s Army:

Next, Jessica Lange (20 April 1949). She played Patsy Cline in a movie about the singer’s life -…

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Overview    April 19th to 21st sees a potent trine from Mars (action) in Taurus to Pluto Rx (focused power) in Capricorn. As Mercury (information) moves to trine Pluto (April 21st to 22nd) and unites with Mars (on April 22nd) … Continue reading →

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This month will highlight your relationships, so expect some unexpected reunions for your birthday!  If you feel that you’ve taking when you should be giving and vice versa this is a great time to act with patience and compassion towards making the energy more even and more satisfying for both.
Old friends will show up and show you where balance is needed between the past and the present and business and pleasure.  An old business contact will arrive to help you solve a new problem at work. Give them plenty of space to work and accept constructive criticism; this is the last bit of spit and polish before business and career goals finally manifest themselves.
Clashes with roommates and/or neighbors are likely when they try to stand in the way of your rights or property. Just be sure to document
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ElsaElsa » I’m Confused By Composite Charts

April 19th, 2015 @ 1:15 pm by ElsaElsa

The Birth of VenusHi, Elsa,

I am trying to understand composite charts and having a hard time wrapping my mind around this concept…

I have a composite chart of a relationship with a packed 8th house: Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter conjunction in 8th house- square composite Venus in 5th. Sun and moon in 4th, so this is a serious relationship.

I admit i am quite nervous about these aspects. How do you think a 8th pluto square 5th venus composite can be handled? I read all over the web that this is unmanageable. I love your positive and wise insight that energy is neutral until directed.
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