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sunbeamMany are seeing partnership and marriage differently then they have in the last ten years or so. This would be expected, post Saturn’s transit through Libra.

Consequently, most of my work at this time is focused on relationships. I’m looking at them from every angle you can imagine.

Today, I wrote:

“If you do decide to get serious (like marriage), Sagittarius may not be the best choice of partner. Their sun falls in your 6th house anyway. It’s not the best overlay, when it comes to having someone actually light up your life, romantically!”
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ElsaElsa » My Boyfriend Cheated With My Friend

April 18th, 2014 @ 11:57 am by ElsaElsa

heartHi Elsa,

I was with the same guy for 5 years, until he left me one night to be with my good friend.

Every time we try to work things out, he starts to get cold feet and runs away again – sometimes to be with my now ex-friend! I’m deeply hurt by the situation but feel lost without him.

Do you think I can move on with my life or at least forgive him for what’s happened?

Very Lost Indeed

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tri-skyFriday night the Moon in Sagittarius starts out in quincunx to sign ruler Jupiter. The Moon is trine to Uranus and sextile Mars. The general, collective mood goes a long way toward ameliorating the long-term stress of the grand cross energy. The mood is active and raring to go! The Moon also squares Pisces Venus, evidenced by the bouncy mood rubbing up against the more gauzy, delicate aesthetic. Be gentle with the butterflies.
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Every image (just like the picture of a chart) will be interpreted differently, but there is a core meaning that we recognize, usually. The Sabian Degree is a combination of astrology and the paranormal.

In the version of Helene and Willem Koppejan of the Zodiac Image Handbook the image of the 26th degree of Aries is that of a royal person handing over his scepter to a kneeling servant. There…

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rip bandage offThe most common problem that I see in practice is is not, “Am I going to win the lottery”?  People contact me because their relationships are failing and they want to know why.

Astrology is incredibly effective in identifying a person’s patterns in relationships. The chart doesn’t whisper hints on this front. Invariably, it spells them out in BOLD letters.

I wind up outlining the situation in a extremely concise way, because astrology allows this. I’m aware in the moment, the person on the other end is going to have all the lights come on, quite suddenly.

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Around mid-month each April, as years pass, I’m reminded that, as well as April showers, April violets, April in Paris, April has often brought more than the usual ration of loss and suffering. I’ll not repeat the list again, but instead link to it in my 2010 post:

This year, April has been living up to that title already. There was yesterday’s news of 300 people missing…

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I mustache youThursday morning the Scorpio Moon is moving away from Saturn and toward quincunx with the Mars-ruled Aries Sun. It’s a multi-pull on the engine cord morning for sure. But that doesn’t make in a non-starter. It does mean you’ll probably need to roll up your sleeves and sweat a bit to get it going. But that can make it all the sweeter when you’re done.
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Occasionally we run into a synastry chart that defies common sense.  Problems that are in the Natal chart show up in relationships but then do not surface in others.  Midpoints may solve the mystery.  There used to be a wonderful generator out there, but it appears that the site is no longer online.  Fear not, … read more.

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run lola run

Dear Elsa:

All my life I’ve struggled to find stability in relationships. I’ve gone from one relationship to the other. And when each one ends, I’ve had to begin from square one: moving, changing residence, etc.

I spent some three years single and extremely lonely. Then I fell in love with a guy and we spent two years together. Now that relationship has come to an end, due in large part to my increasingly rageful personality.

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Obi-WanWednesday morning the Moon in Scorpio trines Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. It’s a water/feels fest, and in a good way. It’s deep, big, and pleasant. If you’re not feeling it, try to widen your definition of what “it” is. Look for something within you that feels good (even if it’s just your socks feeling cozy) and expand on that.
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